01 January 2007

proud of my friends

well everyone made it this year to midnight! what a difference from last year. way to go "white girls".

our segregated party was fun - boys in living room watching tv talking about finacial things and football, girls in the dining room having fun talking about an entire range of topics, kids (7 kiddos ages 6 months to 3) running around having fun and then all sleeping up stairs, except for lainey. lainey gets a cool kid prize for staying up until we rang in the new year.

about 15 minutes before midnight, emily asked me to look at my watch so we wouldn't miss the new year. well, i told her that my watch is set 10 minutes ahead of time so i'm not late anywhere. everyone laughed at me. i think it's funny also.

holiday pretzels.

pictures coming...

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