15 July 2011

Perry Video Productions new website :)

Perry Video Productions in Houston, Texas ... we launched our new website! Check it out when you get a chance and let us know what you think. We are fine tuning the details but like our new look.

Wedding videography - what a fun job we have!

You can also check out some of our favorite wedding films [high def] that are displayed at the top.

29 September 2009

check out this mate

Darn. Now I have to really learn how to play chess. Jackson calls it "chest".

He had to wake up and be at school at 7am - hence the bed head.

I have first day of school pictures I need to post....one day.

24 December 2008

29 October 2008

We Are Family

Annie loves to sing. We have a CD from a Perry Family trip to Hunt this summer. There were 30 of us and everyone suggested a song to put on the CD. The first song on the CD is "We Are Family". We listen to the CD often because it has some fun songs to sing like "We Are Family", "Surfin' USA" and more. One day Annie started singing "We Are Family" on her own and this is the way she hears it...

We have 2 very dear Emilys in our life that Annie knows well.One is my sister-in-law and the other is one of my best friends.
Thankfully I know they won't get a complex.

27 August 2008

we have issues


last night was incredible. i wish in the good sense of the word. but, not at the perry household. our sleep issues are all over the board. jack likes to sleep ALOT [as do his brothers - it's amazing how many hours these boys can sleep if given the opportunity], i have had some degree of insomnia since jackson was born [maybe because i want to relive my college fun days, maybe that's the only quiet time i have in a day or maybe those are the only hours i can get some solid work done]. it's pretty bad...i see 2am quite often. more often than i see my mom or my bestest of friends.

annie is good...usually. once she hears me start singing "good night sweetheart" her head goes on my shoulder and i get a few pats on the back from her [probably one of my favorite moments of each and every day...or to console me with my bad singing voice saying "mom it's ok you don't have to sing"] and i put her down and she lays on her side and goes to sleep. after our vacation she now asks for us to say a prayer with her [melt my heart] and always will add people [like recently we've been praying for my grandfather, "papa" because he is sick - he has shingles and if i forget to mention papa she will remind me] she always says [in her sweet raspy voice] "and Jesus". ok, so that's the sweetness of her new routine. the flip side is she wants us to sleep with her or she wants to lay in our bed with one of us and with jackson [as i did on vacation - 3 of us in a double bed - blog entry to come soon].

jackson...he's just been hard from the get go. i used to rock him to sleep...rocking for a LONG time. jack finally had to take over and let him cry it out. i couldn't handle that - i had to leave the house when he did that [i think jackson was 9 months]. i do baby my babies. for about a year he was good. then he got a big boy bed and would get out over and over...sometimes until midnight. since then he's just hard to wind down. he has more energy than i can fathom. last night was an all time high on the richter scale of energy. after waking up early, going to school, running errands with me, afternoon activities at home i thought for sure this little guy will be so tired. WRONG! he couldn't settle down. i'm sure he's trying to get used to this new schedule [of one day] after a relaxed bedtime during the summer. so, it might take a little time...more so than i had perceived.

so last night i laid with annie for 30 minutes until she was out. got up and tip toed into my room where jackson should have been...no jackson. went downstairs and jack said that jackson was having trouble going to sleep and that they were going for a walk. control freak took over and put jackson to bed and told him not to come out or he'd get in trouble. after 20 minutes of screaming, "daddy!!!" [which jack wanted to record because it was a first for him to choose this parent's name to shout] jackson was out...around 10:30pm...and then up at 7:45am. mom just needs to cool it a little and realize transitions are hard for 4 year olds. opps.
other issue...notice that jackson's head is about the size of his teacher's head! my kids have huge noggins.
other issue...think i broke my first bone in my body. this is true...i've never broken a bone until 2 nights ago. and when and if i did break a bone for the first time i do it in a very wimpy and non assuming place...my little toe. it's blue and purple and hurts a little. but, no little toe cast exists...there goes any sympathy i could have received [haha.]

26 August 2008

no tears!

annie has a mouthful of blueberries

jackson's school - we're going public!

jackson had his first day of preK today.

i can cry like a baby at the drop of a hat but sometimes i amaze myself. today i didn't cry nor did i cry at my wedding but put "i am sam" on the t.v. and you'd think that something was really wrong in my life after that movie. oh...or on saturday we watched the bucket list and there's a part in the end where jack nicholson's character meets his granddaughter for the first time after being estranged from his daughter and he kissed her and then he marks off the list, "kiss the most beautiful girl in the world". [sidenote::jack also cried during this part and it's all because of the fact that we have annie::girl can make her daddy into a softie] but, 12 hours later at church after communion jack asks me, "do you know when i lost it during the movie last night?". i started crying. that was it...not even an answer from jack or me but i just start crying. so i cry e.a.s.y!

ok..back to preK. so we woke up at 7:45 so we could leave by 8:15. jackson isn't a morning person. takes him 5 or 10 minutes to get out of bed, isn't hungry until an hour or so later, just wants to take it easy for a little while when he wakes up. well, that wasn't happenin today. oh...totally gets his night owl, not a morning person traits from his mom. we tried to eat a bowl of blueberries on the way to school. annie ended up eating most of them because i forgot to give her breakfast [thinking i'd go home afterwards and then we could eat...but we went straight to target] notice the nap mat - good luck with getting this little live wire to settle down.
jackson was a little confident man walking into that classroom. he thrives on structure and being social. therefore, i'm not called to home school...thank you Lord.
dropping him off, i remembered his little round face when i dropped him off at chapelwood for the first time [crying...me not jackson]. i still remember what he wore, his chubby fingers, huge cheeks and the one thing that hasn't changed in 3 years...his big bed head. oh my little dude, i'm so excited for you, proud of you and can't wait to pick you up today. we're going to go to baskin & robbins to celebrate his first day of school. he'll eat it up!

i got so many errands run today than i did the entire summer. seriously, thanks preK...getting us out of the house at 8:15am did wonders to my to do list. that's where jackson and i are alike...we camp out in the morning until 10 or so and then we get going. not any more...at least until may.
here's jackson with is new teacher, mrs. seeta. get ready for some strong willed energy from this rascal. it'll be fun.annie just woke up from a great nap - she fell asleep at 11:30! she usually falls asleep at 2ish! i think she was worn out from all of our errands. i loved her early nap! what a great day.

14 August 2008

what do you think of my blog...

i know! "lame, lame, lame, lame, lame"
that's the first thing that comes to mind.

does anyone know what incredible movie that is from?
we've watched it 10 or more times this summer.

updates coming soon...hopefully today!

25 June 2008

sugar monsters

to get the kiddos to actually brush their teeth i always say, "we have to get all of those sugar monsters off of your teeth." otherwise they would suck on the tube of toothpaste because it tastes more like candy than toothpaste. i fear the day that i promote them to real toothpaste..which probably should have already happened. oh well, i just happy they brush their teeth every day.

so here are some cute sugar monsters at the museum. we went to see the grossology exibhit - we shot burgers into huge nostrils, made tooting sounds, created burps and some kids became poop as they climbed through the small intestine and out the tunnel onto an appropriate colored brown mat. ick or actually gross.

my everyday camera is still stuck in the "lens out" position and doesn't work. so sarah took this picture of our kiddos, aka sugar monsters. it was fun and it was FREE [thanks to the workings of sarah].

even though it was lots of fun, we were with 4 kiddos 4 and under so we had to have some margaritas afterwards!

04 June 2008

gang perry hits the beach

ok...a quick post since it's been ages.

recently i keep hearing behind me, "i'm free to do what i want, any ol' time." that's how i feel since schools out - no more teaching. i've only put on makeup for church, i've only fixed my hair for church and an occasional dinner with family but i'm excited to not have to be "on" everyday for a group of 30 teenagers. jack's let me sleep in a couple of times...one time until 10am...i'm sure i was up until 3am that night but still...sleeping until 10am...glorious!

more appropriately, i'm sure that theme song is jackson's since he thinks he's pretty much in control of all things around him.

so here's our gang at the beach:annie perry, member of gang perry, in her adorable state. in about 5 hours she will start the gang perry yelling, lasting quite sometime which made her hoarse the next day.
jackson perry, member of gang perry, flashes our gang sign at the beach. he also is sporting his dragon tatoo, a marking of gang perry. he did look funny with this tatoo on his stomach at the beach. thankfully the other 2 had faded and we were just left with this one. and thankfully annie wears a one piece or you'd get to see her colorful stomach also.

here is the entire gang. check out how annie is using my hair as reigns to keep from falling backwards. it hurt.
believe it or not...this is the best picture we got as a family. it was right before we left so the kiddos were not cooperative at all...i'm sure it would have been the same story right when we got there or even half way through our visit. needless to say, this ones out of the running for our christmas picture.

we had so much fun at the beach...it was breezy and the time flew by! the kids made it pretty easy because they are somewhat afraid of the water so they'd run to the edge, never go past ankle deep water and run back, over and over. we'll head back again soon!

11 April 2008

out come the uniforms

seems like anytime we go out to eat recently we see a swarm of baseball caps and baseball pants - it's baseball season and we are excited! tonight we went to skeeters and there were some 9 year old baseball players [maybe 9?] and a heard of parents all talking about this team and that team and their record. i'm sure we soon will turn into those parents. jack can't wait! he even went to chat with one of the dad's to get research on which league to put your son in.

oh...and matt, the manager at skeeters, decided to chat it up with us for a good 15 minutes while we ate. we go there way too often because we didn't mind it at all. and you can't forget clint the guy who always takes our order. our conversation always goes like this: "hey clint. i'll have the chicken quesadillas without onions." clint always responds, "ok, so chicken quesadillas, extra onions." haha, clint! you used that last time, and the time before that and the time....

ok...so i added to this blog entry which messed up my transitions...so before my revision the transition was pretty good...so i should have ended the last section with and jack can't wait.

in the meantime, jackson started t-ball and jack is coaching.
it's just flat out cute. hitter hits a grounder 10 feet in front of the plate, 5 3-foot-boys run after the ball and tackle each other trying to get to the ball, one boy emerges successful after pinning the ball under his glove [only purpose for a glove in tball is to trap a ball underneath], the other boys are visibly mad [especially my boy] that they didn't trap the ball first, all the parents yell "throw it to first!", the kid at first is picking his nose and doesn't notice, then all of a sudden the hitter is now running after the ball in right field...hilarious!

here is leo...he loves this red helmet that he can't see out of and he's super cute!had a few small mom tragedies this week: i missed jackson's first game to make a buck and take advantage of a great photo op. missing his game was followed by me missing his first field trip because i had to teach equations of circles to teenagers. anyways, no first tball game for me. instead i got to take pictures at a fundraiser for the houston junior forum. the guest speaker was oprah's old chef, art smith. how cool! he was a good sport and such a gentleman and had a good sense of humor. i'm sure he's a good cook too...come on, oprah...he must have talent. here he is:

he made cucumber soup while telling stories about oprah. he would act like he was oprah and say things like, "oh, girl, you gotta have some of this." it was great the way he imitated her.
then he made this salad lickety-split. yummy!

19 March 2008

em has a fever and the doctor said the only cure is a blog! or is it cowbell

here you go...hope your fever goes away because i don't have cowbell

18 March 2008


spring is here and i feel the need to catch up on everything - catch up on our blog, clean out my entire house, catch up on LOST, finally write birthday thank yous, buy a new duvet cover for my bed along with pillows etc, get some spring clothes, the list goes on and on...as usually not only when spring has sprung.

probably the only thing that needs to be done is to purge our entire house and clean it - since our housekeeper ran away about 3 months ago after an afternoon with jack - the high maintenance home owner. and after she left i thought, "hey let's save some bucks and not find a new one." and since that thought we have not had anyone come over to our house to hang out and there's a reason for that. true...a lame reason - our house is quite the mess.

here are some pics from the kiddos birthday party at the ranch - and if aunt trish will allow us to come every year it's a no-brainer! this was fun, relaxing and the kiddos ran around everywhere and had a great time. none of my arts and crafts station things were utilized...oh well. my 3 foot cow that i drew never had a tailed pinned on - but now makes a great new addition to the artwork at the ranch. so...note to self for next year: bouncey house, one pinata, and some food and we'll have a boomin' party...oh and jack's sangria - his new addition to any party is his sangria. yummy!

more pics to come but here are my favorites from the day [none of jackson because he didn't know how to stand still long enough for a picture].
so here's our "love love" looking super sweet
a glimpse at annie's first date:
lizzie - annie's new obsession. she walks around our house talking about lizzie.
diego - careful when you see this darling - baby envy starts to get to you!
too late to post more pics...will do so soon!

14 March 2008

4 on 2, 2 on 4, 31 on 14 and 7 on 17

this is our march madness - which like basketball's march madness occurs every year.

jackson turned 4 on march 2nd
annie turned 2 on march 4th
jack turned 31 on march 14th [today!]
we will celebrate 7 years of marriage on the 17th

here are some pictures at some of our celebrations:
jackson and annie's ranch party - i think that hat saw the light of day for the first time in 7 or so years.
all the grandparents [and a couple of great grandparents] at skeeters for annie's birthday - i won't make this one black and white so we can see jackson's teeth! he went crazy asking all of his grandparents and great grandparents for quarters - he won a blue gumball. we could have probably paid for college off of how many quarters he got.

off to the rodeo to celebreate jack's bday...yee haw! i'll have to pay major catch up this weekend on our blog. lots of pictures and stories to come.

happy birthday to my sweet hubby!

13 February 2008

overboard with love

the pictures say it all...

the cause: myself + tea at 11pm and my odd love for projects

my fears:
1. tomorrow morning [it's super late right now]
2. valentines day 2009 [where do i go from here]
3. the palm of my hand after punching lots of holes [that were too small so i had to punch again to make them bigger - makes me excited about my manicure tomorrow]

03 February 2008

we do what we can...thanks fred!

thought i'd start to catch up by telling you about fred - our elf. fred came to live with us right after thanksgiving. fred is an elf from the north pole. we could consider him our foreign exchange student. he sat in our house from thanksgiving to christmas and at night flew to the north pole to tell santa if jackson and annie were good that day. our realistic and idealistic disciplinary efforts sometimes are in need of a little creative discipline. fred was that. if jackson started acting up we'd have pretend [out loud] conversations with fred. [a little on the verge of social dysfunction, similar to schizophrenia] they'd sound something along the lines of "oh, what fred? you hear jackson whining?" etc...you get the idea. but it worked! so, now that fred returned home to the north pole we are missing him. oh the whacky-ness we teach our kiddos. oh and yes...fred is kinda freakish when your eyes catch him late at night.

02 February 2008

my writer's strike is over

finally. 2008 has hit us hard with lots of fluin' around here. i'll try to update here and there not to hit you too hard with some crazy blogin'. seems like that's how i operate - 5th gear or 1st gear. it would be nice to be at a steady 3rd gear. i'll try it.

here's mimi with her angels [cheesy, i know but seriously mimi considers this close to heaven]. i was sick this day and didn't have energy to do anything. mimi and papa came over to watch the kiddos while i slept or crawled out of bed to do things. i felt pretty helpless. jackson got sick this day also. mimi loves this. this is a rare picture because jackson isn't pushing or kicking annie away and annie isn't screaming at jackson to "leave me alone" or "go away".
annie talks up a storm now. it's amazing what she likes to say. i was laying with her one night and she got out of bed and said, "be back, k?". oh..that's another update. the beginning of 2008 brought annie to our room late at night after she figured out how to scale her baby bed to pay us a visit. this led to about 5 sleepless nights [which probably led to the flu]. finally we converted her bed for safety and "lock" her in her room at night. we never had to deal with this with jackson. they are beginning to be very different. our "perfecta" as we endearingly called annie has become less perfecta lately. she doesn't sleep from 8pm to 8am anymore. she's up at 6am some mornings and she likes to fuss when going to bed nowadays. jack used to comment on how easy annie was to put to sleep...used to. as crazy active as jackson was he never climbed out of his crib. i think it's because he made a mental list of pros & cons while lying in bed and decided just to stay put. i'm now looking for a bed to match jackson's. just our luck the month annie decided to go to a "big girl" bed is the same month bombay shut down - that's where jackson's bed is from. oh well...i need to get over the fact that they aren't going to have matching beds.

here they are trying on their triple c ranch hat - making robin and gary proud. annie likes to dress up in anything. jackson likes to do what annie is doing just to make her mad. annie likes to color on anything with markers, put on mommy's shoes [jackson lets annie have this hobby], work in her kitchen that she got for christmas [christmas update coming soon] and carry around purses. jackson is liking puzzles, reading, irritating or teasing annie, doing "grown up" things with us [cooking, etc], and trying to think of clever ways to watch tv [maybe that's why he's been sick for over a week now]
here's annie smiling for the camera. she's never still so this is one rare shot.

23 December 2007

merry merry love the perrys

hope you all have a merry christmas! we have our first christmas celebration tonight with cookie and the uncles and aunt emily. well...we had our first celebration this morning when everyone came to christ the king with us and then a fun cajun lunch at ragin cajun. fun, fun! we're cooking, cleaning, wrapping and trying to find time to get to the mall to visit santa before tuesday... i'm thinking tomorrow morning...early will be the best time. who knows...i'm sure we'll be met with crazy late minute shoppers - or not so crazy i heard stores are running sales tomorrow. i'll stay away from the stores...we'll just visit santa. thankfully, i got everything done 3 days ago. i really can't wrap gifts and leave them under the tree because annie doesn't understand that she can't open them until christmas. when i tell her to stop opening them she gets her feelings hurt and it's just a sad situation after that. so..we have zero gifts under our wilting tree. it's full of water but for some reason has already started to droop. it looks somewhat vintage?? [trying to put a positive spin on our dying tree].

i have many updates to do - jackson's basketball adventures, jackson's pj christmas party at school, another wedding we shot, christmas party in the country, all the shots that didn't make it to the christmas card, annie's new words, annie being a sweet angel...as always, the things that come out of jackson's mouth, fred, and more....maybe one of my new years resolutions should be to update this more.

07 December 2007

eighteen - a smokin' hot age

my only cousin on my mom's side turns 18 today! i'm super mad because i forgot to call him - so i'm up late and decided to write this post about him.

i remember the exact moment when i found out that i was going to have a cousin. i was 13 - a spoiled little princess - i was an only child and the only grandchild. gary and robin adopted colton when i was in 8th grade he was days old. truly i didn't know how to handle the fact that i was now going to have to share my grandparents - i think that was my first thought. oh how i wish i could tell you how i was wise beyond my years in 8th grade and overflowed with joy of the fact that i was blessed to have a cousin. now i have enough excitement that i have a cousin like colton to last a lifetime. the joy started the moment i meet him for the first time. i've always been good with kiddos and have always loved babies - so when we had a little one in the family and i got to spend lots of time with him before they moved to nacogdoches, texas then new iberia, la and then edina, mn but they are moving back soon!

18 things i love about colton:

1. he's my favorite cousin - i'm the closest to colton and have more of a connection with him because we are both laid back, relaxed and easy going people.

2. his sense of humor - he has a great sense of humor that i love to be around. he can do great imitations and he likes the same comedies and same dry sense of humor that i do.

3. he has a huge smile

4. likes to laugh. here's a specific memory...when he was a little guy in louisiana i remember making him laugh at the hospital during easter [i think i was in high school]. he was in his "barn" and cut his arm open on a nail and had to go get stitches. i wanted to go with him and i remember finding medical supplies in the room...maybe tape... and taping up my nose and eyes to make him laugh. anyways, he's always quick to laugh.

5. he is a talented, talented, talented musician. i love to watch him play his guitar.

6. he can sing. he has a deep, dry, melodious voice which i think is great as a singer-songwriter musician or for singing ballads. my musical talent stopped at the recorder in 5th grade so don't think this comment has any musical intellect. i do like to listen to him sing.

7. he gives good hugs

8. he talks to me when i ask him questions about his life and doesn't roll his eyes at my questions. rolling eyes is definitely a thing teenagers pick up so i know he does it but just not to me. his answers are honest. i specifically recall driving with him to a dinner that our granny and papa wanted to treat us to and i asked some personal questions and he never hesitated with the truth.

9. his cool sense of style - gotta love the checkered board shoes with holes - especially if they are your most comfortable pair of shoes! i like them - they are black and white - what other colors are there to wear?

10. he has some awesome hair! long or short it's a great head of hair.

11. i like our sing-a-longs at the ranch. whether it's gary singing some old country song or papa singing in czech to colton strumming his guitar - it's fun, entertaining and relaxing. i'll even sing with my horrible voice. i truly wish i had a great voice where i could belt out some songs while colton plays his guitar. i don't have a chance.

12. i never would have listened to the music he listens to on my own. he has a great classic taste for "old rock and roll" [again music intellect = low to nil]. but he doesn't like the music of today - rap and everything else that i'm sure he doesn't consider music. so he has opened my eyes up to what is good in music. i know he wouldn't like my work out tunes: shoop by salt and pepa, it's getting hot in here, moulin rouge, yeah, in da club, hey ya, etc - songs that increase my rate on the elliptical machine is what i look for.

13. he is creative [obviously - have you been reading]

14. he's good with our kiddos...especially jackson. he's patient with jackson and he'll take him on the gator at the ranch, ask him questions [sometimes just to hear jackson's funny answers] and he never seems as if he has something better to do than spend time with jackson. thankfully with jackson's energy you won't get tired of doing one activity with him because he's off to a new activity after a couple of minutes so colton gets jackson in a couple minutes here and there.

15. our fun trip from minnesota to texas in 1999 in a car. lots of memories - but he was shorter than me at that time - he towers over me today. he was super young and super fun. i'm sure if we had that trip to do again this year it would be more fulfilling and more quality - 8 years makes a huge difference from 10 years old to 18 years old.

16. he has a heart that likes to help. a couple of summers ago he went to mexico for a missions trip and really enjoyed doing that. it was wonderful to see him enjoying that. i hope my kiddos enjoy that when they are his age.

17. although we are 13 years apart...i feel as if it's not a huge difference in age and that it's more like 3 years apart. i can spend time with him, talk to him, hang out and relax with him. age doesn't seem to be a big factor in our relationship. he's also pretty mature for his age, in my eyes.

18. he's moving back to texas [well...his family is and he's graduating high school in minnesota in the spring...hopefully he comes back here also...i'm 99% sure that's the plan]

too tired to post pictures...i'll do that tomorrow.

05 December 2007

we gobbled until we wobbled

my sweet friend hilary asked for an update.

so here we go...i have alot of posts to do...so i'll start with thanksgiving - part one.

i think the kiddos had the best time at the farm! it is truly a great place for family - everytime we leave we are excited to return. it reminds me of what my papa always says, "take time going, but hurry back." so we are ready to hurry back anytime. well, it's just not the place it is the sweet, laid back, comfortable hosting from aunt trish! she's amazing. whether it's 25 or 15 [usual range of number of guests for thankgiving] trish creates this great thanksgiving spread - everything is warm and yummy! i can't forget to add that aunt jane also is in on the coordination also. but more importantly to our family [mostly to jack and jackson] aunt jane's turkey spread is the best!!!!

why the kiddos are so thankful of the farm:
1. there is a minature house just for the little people - complete with a kitchen, a living room, a play room and a bedroom loft
2. lots of grass to run, play football, play horseshoes or just explore
3. a trampoline
4. a swing set
5. a pool [not during thanksgiving]
6. turkey spread
7. a fire pit [not too sure if that's the right term]
8. lots of cousins mommy and daddys age who love them & who mommy and daddy get to talk to.
9. lots of aunts poppy and kk's age who love them & who mommy and daddy get to talk to.
10. all the fun, love and laughter.
11. beer [or bloody marys this time around][not for jackson and annie]

here is a collection of pictures from the day. we usually don't have anyone taking pictures at the farm so when i pulled out our honker of a camera i think everyone thought it was funny that i had brought it to the farm. oh well...we got some fun pictures. i put some effects on the pictures for you to see. enjoy...

boy cousins...
boy cousins + mary
[and for anyone who doesn't know there are 3 more boys...mary is the only girl]mary + chuckers
poppy [straight from ireland...not really] + kkuncle pootz + future aunt emily
[i think she'll be called auntie em - i'm know she will fill the shoes well of jack's auntie m - heard they are big shoes to fill]
here come the kiddos....
this pic looks like it's from the 1920s. there are always almost the same number of dogs at the farm as people.
my girlie-girl
having fun on the trampoline....
jackson thought this was the most fun. uncle holden, uncle pootz and daddy would chase jackson with the football and then pretend to tackle him by diving for him and missing. jackson laughed and laughed.
uncle holden almost got him with ali in the background
[ali is uncle holden's daughter]
uncle holden recovering from trying to tackle jackson and daddy trying to get him.
[daddy looks like his balding in this picture]

uncle pootz looking on as daddy misses again. jackson loves it. frank is with uncle pootz. frank took up the entire back of our pilot going to the farm. we had a packed car. emily and julie were in the front, daddy between the 2 kiddos in the back and then frank taking up the entire back. it was fun. i think frank licked jack's ear a couple of times.here come the well-dressed dogs...first is chelsea with aunt jane.
chelsea is the cutest dog of the bunch.
this picture is hilarious. first, poppy was wearing so many colors that day. secondly, poppy got a new phone...an iphone and was trying to get a picture of coco. poppy ADORES coco! coco did have on a little hoodie. i think it got ruined when coco jumped into the pool. the hoodie looked like it was juicy couture. so funny!
finally...saving the best for last...
here's a picture of me [the photographer] with mimi and annie.
[the best referring to mimi]
thanksgiving part two - the crowes nest is coming