19 March 2008

em has a fever and the doctor said the only cure is a blog! or is it cowbell

here you go...hope your fever goes away because i don't have cowbell

18 March 2008


spring is here and i feel the need to catch up on everything - catch up on our blog, clean out my entire house, catch up on LOST, finally write birthday thank yous, buy a new duvet cover for my bed along with pillows etc, get some spring clothes, the list goes on and on...as usually not only when spring has sprung.

probably the only thing that needs to be done is to purge our entire house and clean it - since our housekeeper ran away about 3 months ago after an afternoon with jack - the high maintenance home owner. and after she left i thought, "hey let's save some bucks and not find a new one." and since that thought we have not had anyone come over to our house to hang out and there's a reason for that. true...a lame reason - our house is quite the mess.

here are some pics from the kiddos birthday party at the ranch - and if aunt trish will allow us to come every year it's a no-brainer! this was fun, relaxing and the kiddos ran around everywhere and had a great time. none of my arts and crafts station things were utilized...oh well. my 3 foot cow that i drew never had a tailed pinned on - but now makes a great new addition to the artwork at the ranch. so...note to self for next year: bouncey house, one pinata, and some food and we'll have a boomin' party...oh and jack's sangria - his new addition to any party is his sangria. yummy!

more pics to come but here are my favorites from the day [none of jackson because he didn't know how to stand still long enough for a picture].
so here's our "love love" looking super sweet
a glimpse at annie's first date:
lizzie - annie's new obsession. she walks around our house talking about lizzie.
diego - careful when you see this darling - baby envy starts to get to you!
too late to post more pics...will do so soon!

14 March 2008

4 on 2, 2 on 4, 31 on 14 and 7 on 17

this is our march madness - which like basketball's march madness occurs every year.

jackson turned 4 on march 2nd
annie turned 2 on march 4th
jack turned 31 on march 14th [today!]
we will celebrate 7 years of marriage on the 17th

here are some pictures at some of our celebrations:
jackson and annie's ranch party - i think that hat saw the light of day for the first time in 7 or so years.
all the grandparents [and a couple of great grandparents] at skeeters for annie's birthday - i won't make this one black and white so we can see jackson's teeth! he went crazy asking all of his grandparents and great grandparents for quarters - he won a blue gumball. we could have probably paid for college off of how many quarters he got.

off to the rodeo to celebreate jack's bday...yee haw! i'll have to pay major catch up this weekend on our blog. lots of pictures and stories to come.

happy birthday to my sweet hubby!