31 October 2006

peas & carrots

trick or treatin' was fun. uncle holden went with us this year
annie was a pea - except it was too hot outside to wear her sweet pea outfit...
jackson was a carrot...
last year uncle will went with us. it's fun to see what big changes happen in one year. jackson looks so young from halloween '05.

we had a fun time running from house to house saying, "let's go get more candy!" jackson's favorite candy was skittles - which he calls gum. annie's favorite candy is the skittles wrapper - she likes to chew on it. jackson's favorite house was the one with this skeleton head that would laugh a spooky laugh. jackson sat with this sweet grandpa and watched the skeleton for a good 5 minutes. we ate at will's new house - but were sad that emily couldn't join us.

30 October 2006

lions and lady bugs and pumpkins, oh my!

we went to the dolibois house and had a great time with friends and lots of kiddos. i think the kiddos outnumbered the adults - and the mosquitos outnumbered us all. all of the kids are so stinkin' cute! enjoy the pics.

thanks cowboy & pocahantis for a fun party.

28 October 2006

first tooth

annie got her first tooth today! she was chomping on my finger at southwell's (yummy) and i felt it. no picture - it's the size of a pin top.

so instead here's a cute picture of the kids having fun with daddy.

katy tigers

i don't know who was more excited: jackson shaking the tigers hand or mimi having jackson at the katy tiger's football game. looks like jackson has inherited the football gene - with grandparents who still have season tickets to the katy high football games and uncles whose favorite holiday is football season - it was inevitable.

i graduated 11 years ago - my parents still have season tickets on the 50 yard line, second deck. mimi loves these seats - we don't know if she loves them so she can watch the game or socialize with everyone walking by. with jackson we're sure it has to socialize in order to show off her grandson.

27 October 2006

save the best for last - not so true

i took about 25 pics at the pumpkin patch. the first one of annie is below. here's the last.
she did not save the best for last.

i should have looked at the camera and said, "OK, let's go. this is a good picture." instead i have to seriously clean a pair of pants and shoes.

i do that alot - with digital cameras and other things in life - think that there's something better coming when i should be content with what i have.

anyways, we might try the pumpkin patch again if it's nice outside. daddy will go with us this time. maybe we could get a family picture - a rare find.

pumpkin patch - battle of wills

i thought we could go to the pumpkin patch and get a cute picture of the kids next to some pumpkins. i dressed them in cute clothes that wouldn't clash with the pumpkin - namely no burnt orange. sorry uncle pootz and uncle ho. annie was cute and did what i asked her to do, of course. the only decent picture i got of jackson was him imitating a fire truck after one drove by. jackson also found the only mud puddle in the entire pumpkin patch and jumped in. ironically he fell down on dry land and looked at his dirty hands with disgust. i guess since the mud was on his new shoes and pants it wasn't disgusting as the dirt on his hands. life with boys is always fun.

here's a comparison to last year's pumpkin patch trip where jackson wanted to pose for pictures. now he just wants to run and find gross things. he also liked the pumpkins that were moldy. wish henry was with us this time...that's an everyday thought that includes henry's family.

26 October 2006

one too many

this is how i found jack and jackson tonight. jack must have read one too many books. jackson was still awake.

22 October 2006

too loud

we went to the wings over houston air show this weekend. jackson's only words spoken: "too loud" when they zoomed past. he kept his fingers stuck in his ears for about 30 minutes. it was a sight to see & lots of wonderment...such as flying upside down so close to the ground. jackson also got to go inside 3 fire trucks. i think he enjoyed that the most. annie enjoyed the ride in the stroller & putting things in her mouth. she likes to chew on anything these days - including my nose. i like to think she's trying to give me a kiss.

19 October 2006

the star of the show

we went with cookie to the houstonian to hear some great blues music. it was by the pool because the grass in the lawn was wet. jackson would have been more dry in the lawn. he wanted to put his feet in the pool, but then decided to stand up on the first step and got wet from the toosh down. that sure didn't stop him from having a good time. you would have thought that the little bombshell singing was the star of the show - but it was the 2 1/2 year old dancer. he loves to dance and shake his booty. maybe he was just trying to get dry?

18 October 2006

it's a hat day

sometimes i take the kiddos to school with a baseball cap on because, as i tell jackson, my hair isn't clean. then he wants to wear a hat also because he claims his hair isn't clean either. well, with the onset of the houston cold weather - which is a joke of a statement - i decided to let the kids put on their hats. jackson might need to be enrique iglesias for halloween. which reminds me that this is how jackson counts in spanish : uno, dos, tres, cuatro, isa. i'm surprised i got a good picture of jackson...he had more fun pulling the hat over his entire head.

13 October 2006

2 1/2 going on 7 months?

jackson got a glow in the dark bracelet from aunt robin for halloween. (he got his halloween gift early because we have no place in our house to hide it.) he loved going into the bathroom to check out the glowing bracelet. but the only way that i could get a picture of him with it was when he was sitting in annie's highchair. he has reverted back to his infant days in many ways: he likes to eat baby food, he likes to sit in anything annie sits in - highchair, swing, jumpster, exersaucer, etc, he likes to get in her babybed and moses basket, and more...

12 October 2006

sixty degrees...cold for us

today i was excited to break out the jackets & sweaters - it was in the sixties. the kiddos looked so cute that i had to take a picture. who knows if the weather will stay or get warm again. jackson was proud of his new jacket and had to make sure we didn't leave it at school. annie had a bad case of bed head this morning. she looks so much like jackson - but at least she didn't get his spikey hair that he had at this age. our favorite comment was from a lady at church that told us, "i've never seen hair on a baby like that before." jackson's hair was priceless. wow...i was searching for a picture of jackson's hair and saw that he was crawling and standing at the age annie is in this picture. she's almost mastered sitting.

08 October 2006

skinny dippin'

we went to the ranch this weekend to celebrate uncle gary's 51st birthday. we had lots of fun as usual. jackson enjoyed striping down and running in the grass. he then asked us to take off our clothes also. only because we wanted him to have all the attention we decided not to. aren't we kind. annie had fun with GG - granny always seems to have a special something that allows all the girls to be close to her. annie isn't an exception - she loves GG's arms...not to mention mimi's kisses!

03 October 2006

02 October 2006

school pictures

last year jackson looked like he hated school in his picture. hopefully this year it will turn out better. we practiced smiling all morning. who knows what it'll turn out to look like. annie also had her picture taken - that one will also be a huge surprise to see. but, they sure do look cute!