29 January 2007

birthday party weekend

jackson went to 2 birthday parties this weekend - one for uncle chuck - the big 30! he had fun running around texadelphia until late into the night. he also thought he was a celebrity asking to get his picture taken with everyone there. thankfully steven brought his camera - and thankfully he knows how to use his camera oh so well.on saturday jackson's friend king had his birthday - the big 3! king had a magician that entertained about 10 kiddos for about 30 minutes - pretty impressive. the magician was funny and had us laughing here and there. king kept on shhh-ing us - which made us laugh even more.
king doing a magic trick

king's daddy - bobby - didn't get his hand cut off

the cute thing is that when king opened his gifts all the kiddos were so absorbed at what he was doing and then they'd pick up the toys and bring them to their moms to see. "look what king got!"
at the end they got to pet these doves - obviously sedated somehow. jackson was the only one that didn't want to pet the doves...maybe because of mrs. pecker (poppy's bird) who likes to fly on jackson's head. here's jackson's friend collin petting the dove.

28 January 2007


on cold days jackson loves to snuggle - or as he calls it nuggle. mimi brought a magazine and read it to jackson while they were nuggling. normally it works best if jackson is on the outside - but he wanted to lay on the inside of the couch. with mimi - it's whatever jackson wants.
i'm sure nuggling with jackson made mimi's day.
just a sidenote to warn you if you enlarge the picture below you'll see some "ABC" food in jackson's mouth. (already been chewed = ABC...obviously stems from a middle school joke)
fun jackson story: jackson also likes to say, "i love you stars." which translates to "i love you to the stars." which piggybacked from "i love you crane" translated "i love you as tall as a crane".

hurricane annie

annie loves to dump all the toys out and put herself in toy heaven. this is a huge difference from the way jackson played. he never played with toys for longer than 2 minutes...he has always been active...just ran around and climbed onto things. we now get to experience what it's like to pick up toys.

her favorite toy is this maraca. she'll search all over until she finds it and then she'll shake it and eat it. she stays busy for hours in this disaster zone of the perry house. if she's happy for such a long period of time then i don't mind picking up toys.

27 January 2007

:: blogger hipocrite ::

i confess that i'm a blogger hipocrite.

confession: i check all of my friend's blogs daily and get upset when i see the same picture or post each time. and i haven't updated my own blog in 2 weeks. so now i'm arrogant thinking that others are that into my life.

confession: which then leads me to check their friend's blogs and on and on so i can read new things, see new crafty things to do, new recipes to try. how do i stop?

confession: i am a blog addict. i need to edit some weddings.

what's up with this thing -> ::
i see it alot in things like this :
:: today i like :: taking a nap :: designing annie's bday card :: totally being on time to mother's day out :: walking around our lake with jackson :: annie with her coy smile :: celebrating chuck's big 30 at texadelphia :: laughing at and with jackson :: reading blogs ::

i guess it's the cool thing to do if you are a serious blogger ::

here's my picture for the day...since it's spencer's first birthday today (01.27.2007) here's a picture of henry and jackson the first time we went to visit spencer at his house in houston. henry and "jack jack" had the same taste in clothes.

14 January 2007

cook-offs are fun for everyone

we had such a good time on saturday - a cook-off. we went to see one of jack's co-worker/friend's daughter enter a kids cook-off in the morning. something happened because she didn't win. but, she probably would have won for the cutest cook. his 2 girls are so cute and jackson loved them. he kept on telling us on the way home that he didn't give emily a hug and if you notice on the "swing" pictures he's holding courtney's hand. watch out ladies - he's starting early.
jackson had so much fun - riding a "train", running around, riding rides - his favorite was the slide!
jack had so much fun - eatting lots of good food (of course), riding rides - his favorite was the slide!annie had fun looking cute on a warm winter daypicture one - jack was a little scared because julie went on the slide first with jackson and got a bad burn on her arm from the slide. be sure to check out jack's face - pure fright of getting hurt.picture two - now they are getting the hang of it and really enjoying it

13 January 2007

our first shiners

jack was nice to let me sleep in saturday morning after being up from 3am - 5am with annie. when i walked downstairs i immediately noticed annie's new shiner. don't know how it got there - most likely because of her determination to stand for longer and longer periods of time by herself ( i think we're up to 15 seconds) but she doesn't seem to mind it to much. i think she's going to be one tough cookie.

here's jackson's first shiner (feb 2005, 11 months)

01 January 2007

hay - that's fun.

we went to the ranch on 01.01.2007 - our annual tradition. after a late night & some margaritas (although they were pretty weak 2 did me in) it was a struggle to get there on time...take the time we are usually late and multiply that by 10.

we ate some good gumbo and yummy desserts - homemade bread pudding and peach cobbler made over a fire.

we had a fun time watching jackson play. annie had fun too - she just took in all the surroundings, let herself be passed from one person to the next and just was laid back as usual.
jackson got a gator for Christmas and was a little intimidated by it at the ranch. it'll take a few times to get used to it. i think his favorite activity was playing on the hay. he told everyone the story about how he walked across the hay, then he fell on his hiney and slid off of the bale of hay. he loves being outside and probably stayed outside 75% of the time we were there. i'm sure half of it was the fascination to any tractor, dune buggy, gator type of vehicle.

proud of my friends

well everyone made it this year to midnight! what a difference from last year. way to go "white girls".

our segregated party was fun - boys in living room watching tv talking about finacial things and football, girls in the dining room having fun talking about an entire range of topics, kids (7 kiddos ages 6 months to 3) running around having fun and then all sleeping up stairs, except for lainey. lainey gets a cool kid prize for staying up until we rang in the new year.

about 15 minutes before midnight, emily asked me to look at my watch so we wouldn't miss the new year. well, i told her that my watch is set 10 minutes ahead of time so i'm not late anywhere. everyone laughed at me. i think it's funny also.

holiday pretzels.

pictures coming...