29 January 2007

birthday party weekend

jackson went to 2 birthday parties this weekend - one for uncle chuck - the big 30! he had fun running around texadelphia until late into the night. he also thought he was a celebrity asking to get his picture taken with everyone there. thankfully steven brought his camera - and thankfully he knows how to use his camera oh so well.on saturday jackson's friend king had his birthday - the big 3! king had a magician that entertained about 10 kiddos for about 30 minutes - pretty impressive. the magician was funny and had us laughing here and there. king kept on shhh-ing us - which made us laugh even more.
king doing a magic trick

king's daddy - bobby - didn't get his hand cut off

the cute thing is that when king opened his gifts all the kiddos were so absorbed at what he was doing and then they'd pick up the toys and bring them to their moms to see. "look what king got!"
at the end they got to pet these doves - obviously sedated somehow. jackson was the only one that didn't want to pet the doves...maybe because of mrs. pecker (poppy's bird) who likes to fly on jackson's head. here's jackson's friend collin petting the dove.

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