11 April 2008

out come the uniforms

seems like anytime we go out to eat recently we see a swarm of baseball caps and baseball pants - it's baseball season and we are excited! tonight we went to skeeters and there were some 9 year old baseball players [maybe 9?] and a heard of parents all talking about this team and that team and their record. i'm sure we soon will turn into those parents. jack can't wait! he even went to chat with one of the dad's to get research on which league to put your son in.

oh...and matt, the manager at skeeters, decided to chat it up with us for a good 15 minutes while we ate. we go there way too often because we didn't mind it at all. and you can't forget clint the guy who always takes our order. our conversation always goes like this: "hey clint. i'll have the chicken quesadillas without onions." clint always responds, "ok, so chicken quesadillas, extra onions." haha, clint! you used that last time, and the time before that and the time....

ok...so i added to this blog entry which messed up my transitions...so before my revision the transition was pretty good...so i should have ended the last section with and jack can't wait.

in the meantime, jackson started t-ball and jack is coaching.
it's just flat out cute. hitter hits a grounder 10 feet in front of the plate, 5 3-foot-boys run after the ball and tackle each other trying to get to the ball, one boy emerges successful after pinning the ball under his glove [only purpose for a glove in tball is to trap a ball underneath], the other boys are visibly mad [especially my boy] that they didn't trap the ball first, all the parents yell "throw it to first!", the kid at first is picking his nose and doesn't notice, then all of a sudden the hitter is now running after the ball in right field...hilarious!

here is leo...he loves this red helmet that he can't see out of and he's super cute!had a few small mom tragedies this week: i missed jackson's first game to make a buck and take advantage of a great photo op. missing his game was followed by me missing his first field trip because i had to teach equations of circles to teenagers. anyways, no first tball game for me. instead i got to take pictures at a fundraiser for the houston junior forum. the guest speaker was oprah's old chef, art smith. how cool! he was a good sport and such a gentleman and had a good sense of humor. i'm sure he's a good cook too...come on, oprah...he must have talent. here he is:

he made cucumber soup while telling stories about oprah. he would act like he was oprah and say things like, "oh, girl, you gotta have some of this." it was great the way he imitated her.
then he made this salad lickety-split. yummy!