12 March 2006

inside the womb?

annie might have been in this position... the early days at home are easy. it's been one week. annie sleeps all the time day and night, waking up to be fed every 2 - 3 hours. she's growing slowly, but surely. she is tiny and wirey. we had our first outting to mary eliza's baptism celebration at the boone's. we were itchin' to get out and see friends. annie had a great time - sleeping. jackson ate alot of brownies for lunch.

04 March 2006

we've got annie

and she sure is a cutie!
annie margaret perry was born 3.4.2006, 2 days after jackson turned 2 years old. she is tiny in comparison to her brother who i had to have a c-section with because he was a big dude. annie is named after 3 grandmothers: my granny: annie cerny (my mom's mom) and both of jack's grandmonthers: margaret sage (jack's mom's mom) and mary margaret perry mcdonald (jack's dad's mom). jackson had fun with all of his doting grandparents while we were in the hospital. we sure did miss him - thankfully he came to visit every day!