15 July 2007

class of 2026 and 2028

we went to college station at the end of our austin weekend. it was great to go back - i loved college and it always brings back fun memories to visit. it was a quick visit - mostly for me to go to my dear friend's baby shower. sadly enough it was my maid of honor - whom i haven't seen in 2 years! it was great to see her. i wish i had taken a picture with her and her belly. for any aggies you can empathize with this: krista is a staff advisor for fish camp - she'll be at camp 8 months pregnant for about a month. i can't wait to visit her again during football season and meet baby girl bailey!
with lots of universities represented in our family we won't try to persuade our kiddos TOO much to go to a&m. we'll see in 2022 and 2024 if they make the right decision...

13 July 2007

austin, texas - mucho fun

who doesn't like austin? jack and i met in austin, it's a great short trip and it's laid back and fun. good food, biking, friends, ice cream and family.

we had a fun time...kinda crazy with 2 kiddos but we managed through breakfast with a squirmy annie, avoiding the ongoing rain in order to catch a very quick swim and fun dinners with our austinite friends.we had dinner with the boones...like old times [minus the wises]. i still remember our fun flying pig dinner when it was calm and we all had big bellies. now it's not so calm...well maybe if you are a boone. they are such sweet girls - i think my kiddos scared them with running around, climbing on things and going 90 miles an hour. funny story that sabra told me is that both her girls [3 years and 17ish months] both weigh 27 pounds. that's so cute. you can see the demeanor in the kid's picture...the boone gals just sat there and we had to act like monkeys to get our kids to pay attention. jackson and lt took a good picture - i think he was trying to hit on her...good thing boone was there to straighten out the situation with a few, "hey, watch it, jackson."
brad [match-maker of julie and jack] came also. i think we wore him out because jack and brad were supposed to hit 6th street that night and brad didn't make it past his couch when he got home.
we went biking around town lake and had a fun time with a few wrong turns. but, it was fun to enjoy austin as if we lived there. jack overheard someone saying, "keep austin weird" as we past with our bikes and buggy. don't know if they thought we were weird or telling us to leave because it was too normal to have a buggy. maybe if we had a dog sitting on top of the buggy then i could see us being a picture of weird. who knows...weird story.

we got some cute pics on our bike ride of the kiddos at our stopping point:
here's jackson's "natural" smile...
jackson made a friend who was feeding the squirrels. his new friend gave his a piece of bread to feed the squirrels. he must have been hungry because he ate the bread instead.here's a disappointment to us...annie hates swimming pools [and baths for that matter]. jackson loves swimming pools...maybe next year she'll warm up to them because it's way to warm outside of them during the summer.
we stayed at the omni - which caters to kiddos. they knew our kids by the time we left. [or maybe after being there for 5 minutes] i'm thinking it was their job...but maybe it was because how much our kids make themselves known at the hotel. but the swimming pool is on top of the hotel [not kid friendly]. but they were extremely catering down in the lobby. they gave us kids backpacks when we got there and always were offering us water or whatever we wanted. i tend to think that i'm a pretty easy-to-please person but i am a self-proclaimed hotel-snob...and i like staying in nice hotels and the omni was really nice. as compared to the last hotel we stayed at in austin. jackson was about 6 months old and we went to a ut game with holden. holden made us some reservations at the super 8 hotel. never go there...and believe me - you do not want any stories except that i would have rather stayed at holden's house with his 4 male roommates.
we ate dinner with my oldest friend critter - or amy stoker if i want to be proper - & her fam. it was "fun" and she knows why i included the quotes. we have a list at home of things or people that make us laugh so if we are ever in a bad mood we can go look at the list and crack up. after a night with the stokers and others we added a new name to our list....story not included.

the boys had fun with their bathtub mohawks...that never gets old. sometimes i find jack making his hair into a mohawk in the shower. [i'm trying to see if jack reads these...so far no comments from him]at the end of the trip we went to "God's country"....next post...

11 July 2007

what else i found

first of all...i'm waiting patiently for my new favorite thing to arrive. so in the meantime i thought i'd update a little more...

we went to baton rouge for [jack's cousin] paul's wedding on april 20th. so, we haven't had our everyday camera since that day. at least there were pictures on our camera so they knew who it belonged to. wonder what they thought of jackson posing in his underoos...at least it wasn't jack posing in his underwear...haha...just kidding. but once i did dare jack to run outside on our porch naked and he did, i locked him out and took pictures of him. i'll post those tomorrow. what? no way...i think i deleted them.

we took uncle pootz' car because it had a dvd player. that is the reason we had a calm trip...they loved the dvd player. mind you it is now july 11th and in this picture jackson was potty trained on april 19th. today he is still struggling with going #1 on the potty. i think we have #2 down...but i said that about #1 in april. this little guy likes to do what he wants to do. jack is introducing him to peeing in the bushes. jackson loved it. if only i had a green thumb he might be fully potty trained - but we'd have dead plants. we took jackson to lsu [cookie's alma mater] to see mike the tiger. unfortunately this one passed away a month or so ago - maybe it was from all the energy he exerted trying to get jackson while holden put him over the cage. haha...just kidding...that one was for my mom. she probably had a heart attack right now. feel free to check on her: dascrowe@consolidated.net
sidenote: jackson can say the lsu fight song which most of the sages will be proud to hear and he's in the process of learning hot boudin, cold couscous, come on tigers, push, push, push. i tried to teach him the a&m fight song but yelling "sounds like hell" will have to wait until later. we'll let his uncle teach him the ut fight song next and then save the best for last.

we had a blast at the crawfish boil - it was so good [understatement]. they know how to do it there. the process of boiling crawfish is like us scrambling eggs. they make it seem so effortless and just part of their every week routine [during crawfish season] - andy [paul's brother] even made a special table for paul as a wedding gift...a table just for eat ting crawfish. it was a table for 12 or more to stand at with a hole in the middle for the trash. coolest table ever.

jackson played with cars that nancy had given him and annie just had fun exploring and maybe eating some rocks. they both ate lots of raising cane's. we had a brief bout of addiction of raising canes right before going to louisiana...mostly because it reminded me of layne's from a&m. anyhow...funny situation that the owner was a groomsman in paul's wedding. yummy!
no pictures from the wedding - but a funny story. jackson had a great time at the wedding. he loved dancing, eating the food and running around with wes [his 4 year old cousin]. well, he saw what he thought was coke. this was holden's coke so it had some crown in it. jackson took a tiny sip from the straw and instead of the little attitude look he thought he was going to give me of "i just had a sip of coke" looked at me with this horrible look of "that's not what coke is supposed to taste like" with his eyes in almost a teary state. he was so confused. i think he slept pretty soundly that night...haha...again just kidding. but he probably did sleep well in his king size bed. jack and i had to leave at 5am the next morning to head to houston for a wedding so we slept on the pull-out couch to not wake the kids up in the morning. so, i'm sure jackson got a good night's rest.

10 July 2007

what i found

on my camera...the correct way to wear underoos when you are 3 - makes sense - you want to see "sarge" on your underwear. i won't show you the picture of the backside...looks too uncomfortable.
annie is always this happy if she has food in front of her. if you are eating something near her...watch out. soon you'll see a tiny person running towards you with her mouth open wide. she loves to eat.

these 2 are my favorite pictures of all that was on the camera - so glad we found it to get these cute pics!
these were taken when sabra came to houston and we met at the park. boone crew, sims crew and perry crew had fun playing again and wishing we could do this more often. it was a crazy park day for us...jackson went #2 in his pants, fell off of a swing and performed a bellyflop on the ground and annie ate dirt when she fell face first into the sand.

i think mary eliza somehow knows that jackson used to be a little bully when we were all pregnant because she was the boss of the tree house and thinks she is bigger than anyone else. she was pushing jackson out of the tree house so that only her and lt were in it. she definitely is the strong willed child of the boones.
for anyone who looks at our blog...we are going to be playing catch up for awhile. we haven't updated our blog in a long time.