10 July 2007

what i found

on my camera...the correct way to wear underoos when you are 3 - makes sense - you want to see "sarge" on your underwear. i won't show you the picture of the backside...looks too uncomfortable.
annie is always this happy if she has food in front of her. if you are eating something near her...watch out. soon you'll see a tiny person running towards you with her mouth open wide. she loves to eat.

these 2 are my favorite pictures of all that was on the camera - so glad we found it to get these cute pics!
these were taken when sabra came to houston and we met at the park. boone crew, sims crew and perry crew had fun playing again and wishing we could do this more often. it was a crazy park day for us...jackson went #2 in his pants, fell off of a swing and performed a bellyflop on the ground and annie ate dirt when she fell face first into the sand.

i think mary eliza somehow knows that jackson used to be a little bully when we were all pregnant because she was the boss of the tree house and thinks she is bigger than anyone else. she was pushing jackson out of the tree house so that only her and lt were in it. she definitely is the strong willed child of the boones.
for anyone who looks at our blog...we are going to be playing catch up for awhile. we haven't updated our blog in a long time.

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