25 March 2007

i work with daddy last morning

translation from jacksonese to english - i worked with daddy yesterday.jackson went with jack to a rehearsal dinner that we'll be shooting. he had alot of fun running around and getting into things that jack had no idea how he got into or on or whatever. some of the story is missing...so it's probably best i don't hear it. i'm sure it has something to do with this picture - try to find jackson
but, he sure did get this cute picture of jackson...

21 March 2007

favorite dresses

well, i do think annie in a dress is the cutest thing ever and i do have some favorites...and surprise, surprise they have pink in them!

this cute dress from the wises for annie bday is my all around favorite dress of spring!this dress is what i bought her for her birthdaythis dress is what poppy and kk got annie for her bday - do you think they have one in my size..it's way cute!there's one other one that the olivers gave annie that she'll hopefully wear to church on sunday.

18 March 2007

drinking beer

we have TONS of beer left over from all of the parties in march. we might need to have another party to get rid of all the beer. if anyone is having a party...invite us...we'll bring lots of beer.

16 March 2007

march madness

our march madness is over - not because jack picked tech to make it to the semi-finals but all of our march birthdays are complete! tomorrow, st. patty's day, is also our 6th anniversary which is overshadowed by annie's first bday, jackson's 3rd and jack's surprise 30th. we could not care less - matter of fact we have 2 weddings to film tomorrow. maybe we'll celebrate on sunday.

not only has our march been filled with bdays but lots of sickness. poor annie has been sick for 5 days and jackson for 3 days, mom had the flu for 2 days and daddy was sick here and there. annie sleeps most of the day :( jackson was pretty sad when he was sick - double ear infection (his first ear infection ever) and some nice conjunctivitis...icky.

here's a picture of our sick little girl...she hasn't eaten solid food for ONE WEEK! just milk. i'm sad she might lose her fat rolls on her legs. i'll have a before and after to see if she's thinned out.
pics of the bdays to follow...

15 March 2007

the big one.

jack turned 30 and we had a fun crawfish boil as a surprise to him. we were planning on boiling our own crawfish...but after a torrential downpour during the day, i decided to buy them already cooked and ready to eat...good decision!

can you tell that jackson was in charge of putting the "y" candle in the cake...
jack was surprised. everything was planned out except how to get jack to our clubhouse so it worked out perfectly when jackson asked jack to go for a walk around the lake. fortunately it wad during a break in the weather. later we decided we should have had everyone mooning him from the building - which has glass walls.
the crawfish was so good and even better was the crawfish pie the next night! thanks to our friends from louisiana who know how to cook and how to cook well! holly is who you want to invite to your party if you plan on having left over crawfish. she can shell them like no other and then make a tasty dinner. so, so yummy!

06 March 2007

isa bella

jackson loves isa and isa's family - they are mentioned in jackson's prayers frequently. we dropped by their neighborhood park and isa came out to play for a little while. isa's mommy was in her biking gear and lookin' good. too bad i didn't get a picture of her in her outfit.

annie is actually following in isa's footsteps in terms of eating LOTS of food. once annie can eat a wide variety of things isa will then have to start protecting her plate like everyone else has to do when isa's around. this is where isa ate her dinner and i'm sure annie is there to make sure isa doesn't need any help.

04 March 2007

annie is one!

so hard to believe!annie and jackson are 2 years and 2 days apart. which will lend itself to joint bdays in the future. but people probably think i'm wacky sometimes when they ask for bdays because annie's is 3.4.6 and jackson is 3.2.4 so all the same numbers get me confused sometimes. but annie's birthday is the only day of the year that's a command: "march forth".

we celebrated annie's bday with family and fajitas. annie didn't want to even touch her cake - so we ate it and it was yummy....thanks annie [jackson did the same thing when he was one]here's papa playing with jackson's toys. i think papa is the most "kid-like" out of all of us. he actually might be the only one that can keep up with jackson.

03 March 2007

jackson's par-tay

jackson has been talking about his par-tay for about a week. everytime we'd get in the car he'd ask if we were going to go to his par-tay. finally it came and we had a blast at pump it up. what was the best part was leaving the floor with all of the spilt food and just walking to our car and not having to clean it up.

jackson had so much fun that after he had eatten his pizza and cake he tried to crash the next party that had started behind us. when i went in there to get jackson i got some funny looks from the mom's in that party wondering who i was. i think they figured it out eventually.

jackson had alot of his church friends and mother's day out friends there and had a ball.he liked to sit in his chair or throne rather and say, "Hail, King Jackson!"his friend collin helped him blow out his candles. i love this picture because jackson and collin are such good pals at school.he enjoyed sticking his fingers in his cake and eatting the icing.

02 March 2007


jackson is now three. for some reason it seems as if three is a big step and a long distance from being two. at three you start organized sports, hopefully learn to be potty trained, hopefully get rid of your paci, hold conversations, start to loose your baby fat and become a little more independent. but, three is a cute stage!
jackson woke up this morning and he wanted to eat mush as his breakfast of choice. he calls oatmeal mush - which he got from "goodnight moon". we used to read that to him every single night - and it's probaby been almost a year since we read it. now he likes richard scarry books that were actually jack's when he was little. he likes them and asks about 100 questions per page. now instead of limiting the number of books we have to limit the number of pages in one book. sorry...tangent...supposedly i'm awful at tangents. i think that was why my students liked me when i was teaching. so...mush...jackson wanted mush for bfast and he wanted us to sing to him and he wanted to blow out his candles in his mush.

he has his birthday crown from when he turned two and they made it for him at mother's day out. he will randomly thoroughout the year make us "bday cakes" at his tool bench and
bring them to us with his crown for us to wear.