03 March 2007

jackson's par-tay

jackson has been talking about his par-tay for about a week. everytime we'd get in the car he'd ask if we were going to go to his par-tay. finally it came and we had a blast at pump it up. what was the best part was leaving the floor with all of the spilt food and just walking to our car and not having to clean it up.

jackson had so much fun that after he had eatten his pizza and cake he tried to crash the next party that had started behind us. when i went in there to get jackson i got some funny looks from the mom's in that party wondering who i was. i think they figured it out eventually.

jackson had alot of his church friends and mother's day out friends there and had a ball.he liked to sit in his chair or throne rather and say, "Hail, King Jackson!"his friend collin helped him blow out his candles. i love this picture because jackson and collin are such good pals at school.he enjoyed sticking his fingers in his cake and eatting the icing.

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