15 March 2007

the big one.

jack turned 30 and we had a fun crawfish boil as a surprise to him. we were planning on boiling our own crawfish...but after a torrential downpour during the day, i decided to buy them already cooked and ready to eat...good decision!

can you tell that jackson was in charge of putting the "y" candle in the cake...
jack was surprised. everything was planned out except how to get jack to our clubhouse so it worked out perfectly when jackson asked jack to go for a walk around the lake. fortunately it wad during a break in the weather. later we decided we should have had everyone mooning him from the building - which has glass walls.
the crawfish was so good and even better was the crawfish pie the next night! thanks to our friends from louisiana who know how to cook and how to cook well! holly is who you want to invite to your party if you plan on having left over crawfish. she can shell them like no other and then make a tasty dinner. so, so yummy!

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