16 March 2007

march madness

our march madness is over - not because jack picked tech to make it to the semi-finals but all of our march birthdays are complete! tomorrow, st. patty's day, is also our 6th anniversary which is overshadowed by annie's first bday, jackson's 3rd and jack's surprise 30th. we could not care less - matter of fact we have 2 weddings to film tomorrow. maybe we'll celebrate on sunday.

not only has our march been filled with bdays but lots of sickness. poor annie has been sick for 5 days and jackson for 3 days, mom had the flu for 2 days and daddy was sick here and there. annie sleeps most of the day :( jackson was pretty sad when he was sick - double ear infection (his first ear infection ever) and some nice conjunctivitis...icky.

here's a picture of our sick little girl...she hasn't eaten solid food for ONE WEEK! just milk. i'm sad she might lose her fat rolls on her legs. i'll have a before and after to see if she's thinned out.
pics of the bdays to follow...

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