28 February 2007

my 2 worlds today...

today was rodeo day at chapelwood. they both look so cute in their western wear. i searched all day for a cowboy hat (failing to go to any western wear stores...too obvious i guess). jackson did not like his red hat at all. it does look kinda funny now that i look at these pictures. maybe it won't look as funny on annie in 2 years.i took jackson to his rodeo activities at MDO today....got in a pen with about 20 smelly animals, ran around outside. oh...and i forgot there was a parade but in the middle of the parade jackson bolted out of the line he was in to ride a tractor on the playground. he LOVES tractors...thanks to papa.
jackson's good friend king by the petting zoo that jackson didn't like...jackson's good friend collin - collin is a week younger than jackson. he looks like a big brother in this picture. jackson loves collin. they've been in the same class for about 2 years. i think they initially bonded over their strong personalities and being aggressive. this year not so aggressive.anyways, i later when to a spa (smelling like a barnyard animal) to get a body wrap, manicure and pedicure. just so you know this isn't the norm. jack gave me this for our anniversary...last year. it expires tomorrow. but, it was a perfect time to get it done before our birthday party weekend (jackson on friday and annie on sunday).

jackson and annie

thought i'd compare some pictures of jackson & annie since alston said annie looks like jackson in this picture. i agree...i think it's because her face looks extra round like his was.

which reminds me - i went to the pediatrician and she commented that jackson was growing up because his face is getting longer and more oval than round. that made me sad. i want him to keep his cute round face.
yep...they have the same mom and dad...you can totally tell!

gobs of blogs

sorry for the mass updates. when it rains it pours...

birthday chairs early

jackson and annie love their new chairs! they came quite a bit early...as their bdays are the 2nd and 4th of march. annie likes to bounce on the end of the chair and fall off...usually head first and then laughs. jackson likes to chill on his chair and watch the movie "Cars"...his new obsession. Happy Birthday Kiddos - my favorie things on earth.

26 February 2007

refridgerator perry - twenty and counting

we call annie refridgerator perry...because she loves to play in the fridge when it's open and because she's a big baby! a big change from when she was born! well...refridgerator perry has taken 20 stamps to date! she's just adorable with her unsteady walk! jackson is having
"ice cream" from CFA. he had his last soccer class so we went out for ice cream - he actually played on the last day..finally...and didn't just sit by the wall and watch.

22 February 2007

avacados - great for skin and hair

or at least annie think so! she absolutely loves avacados and when she's done eatting she likes to rub her hair and face. then she gets a little impatient if i don't get to her soon...as you can see. there were avacados caked on everywhere. the only place to go to after this was the bath, of course. i always have to strip her down when she eats avacados or all of her outfits would be polka dotted with green stains.

20 February 2007

1st valentines day...

1st taste of chocolate or chachie as jackson calls it. annie found a piece of chocolate that jackson had laid in the back of his tricycle. i found her with chocolate all over herself. jackson would have never done this...he loves t stay clean. annie was enjoying herself eatting the chocolate. wh wouldn't?

16 February 2007

why's everybody always picking on me

for your counter tops?

sara and emily in particular like to pick on me - thursday nights are not specifically just for the office and grey's but to pick on julie. and after all the food i prepare for them each week...just kidding! it's all fun!

bath time

we tried to let annie and jackson take a bath together. they were both pretty excited - jackson was showing off by swimming and splashing and annie was just very happy to be with jackson, as usual. we all 4 got wet by the time the bath was finished. the floor also got washed that night. i definitely went to bed right after that - it wore me out. i think we'll stick with separate baths for a little while longer.
oh - one funny thing. annie also rather stand up in the bathtub like jackson did at this age. all of his friends would be sitting down and he'd want to stand up. we have a picture of jackson and his friends - henry and LT are sitting down and jackson is standing - but i'd have to highly censor the picture.

14 February 2007

very bad hair day

i obviously i didn't dry annie's hair completely before she went to sleep last night. she woke up looking like a rooster. i'm going today to buy some clips and bows for her hair so i don't have to wet it down in the morning.today jackson is getting his hair cut - after numerous comments about how long it is. i'll try to take a before and after. i love his hair long and shaggy...but he has ALOT of hair and it's become pretty bushy.