02 March 2007


jackson is now three. for some reason it seems as if three is a big step and a long distance from being two. at three you start organized sports, hopefully learn to be potty trained, hopefully get rid of your paci, hold conversations, start to loose your baby fat and become a little more independent. but, three is a cute stage!
jackson woke up this morning and he wanted to eat mush as his breakfast of choice. he calls oatmeal mush - which he got from "goodnight moon". we used to read that to him every single night - and it's probaby been almost a year since we read it. now he likes richard scarry books that were actually jack's when he was little. he likes them and asks about 100 questions per page. now instead of limiting the number of books we have to limit the number of pages in one book. sorry...tangent...supposedly i'm awful at tangents. i think that was why my students liked me when i was teaching. so...mush...jackson wanted mush for bfast and he wanted us to sing to him and he wanted to blow out his candles in his mush.

he has his birthday crown from when he turned two and they made it for him at mother's day out. he will randomly thoroughout the year make us "bday cakes" at his tool bench and
bring them to us with his crown for us to wear.

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