14 January 2007

cook-offs are fun for everyone

we had such a good time on saturday - a cook-off. we went to see one of jack's co-worker/friend's daughter enter a kids cook-off in the morning. something happened because she didn't win. but, she probably would have won for the cutest cook. his 2 girls are so cute and jackson loved them. he kept on telling us on the way home that he didn't give emily a hug and if you notice on the "swing" pictures he's holding courtney's hand. watch out ladies - he's starting early.
jackson had so much fun - riding a "train", running around, riding rides - his favorite was the slide!
jack had so much fun - eatting lots of good food (of course), riding rides - his favorite was the slide!annie had fun looking cute on a warm winter daypicture one - jack was a little scared because julie went on the slide first with jackson and got a bad burn on her arm from the slide. be sure to check out jack's face - pure fright of getting hurt.picture two - now they are getting the hang of it and really enjoying it

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hilary said...

jack & jackson on the slide is hysterical!! all the facial expressions are great! jackson looks like he is having the time of his life in the second pic. so fun!