27 January 2007

:: blogger hipocrite ::

i confess that i'm a blogger hipocrite.

confession: i check all of my friend's blogs daily and get upset when i see the same picture or post each time. and i haven't updated my own blog in 2 weeks. so now i'm arrogant thinking that others are that into my life.

confession: which then leads me to check their friend's blogs and on and on so i can read new things, see new crafty things to do, new recipes to try. how do i stop?

confession: i am a blog addict. i need to edit some weddings.

what's up with this thing -> ::
i see it alot in things like this :
:: today i like :: taking a nap :: designing annie's bday card :: totally being on time to mother's day out :: walking around our lake with jackson :: annie with her coy smile :: celebrating chuck's big 30 at texadelphia :: laughing at and with jackson :: reading blogs ::

i guess it's the cool thing to do if you are a serious blogger ::

here's my picture for the day...since it's spencer's first birthday today (01.27.2007) here's a picture of henry and jackson the first time we went to visit spencer at his house in houston. henry and "jack jack" had the same taste in clothes.

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alston wise said...

what a cute pic! i had been wondering the dame thing about the ::. did you figure it out? oh, and i just updated our blog:)