01 January 2007

hay - that's fun.

we went to the ranch on 01.01.2007 - our annual tradition. after a late night & some margaritas (although they were pretty weak 2 did me in) it was a struggle to get there on time...take the time we are usually late and multiply that by 10.

we ate some good gumbo and yummy desserts - homemade bread pudding and peach cobbler made over a fire.

we had a fun time watching jackson play. annie had fun too - she just took in all the surroundings, let herself be passed from one person to the next and just was laid back as usual.
jackson got a gator for Christmas and was a little intimidated by it at the ranch. it'll take a few times to get used to it. i think his favorite activity was playing on the hay. he told everyone the story about how he walked across the hay, then he fell on his hiney and slid off of the bale of hay. he loves being outside and probably stayed outside 75% of the time we were there. i'm sure half of it was the fascination to any tractor, dune buggy, gator type of vehicle.

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alston wise said...

that tractor is awesome...henry and jackson would have lots of fun playing together with it!