28 January 2007


on cold days jackson loves to snuggle - or as he calls it nuggle. mimi brought a magazine and read it to jackson while they were nuggling. normally it works best if jackson is on the outside - but he wanted to lay on the inside of the couch. with mimi - it's whatever jackson wants.
i'm sure nuggling with jackson made mimi's day.
just a sidenote to warn you if you enlarge the picture below you'll see some "ABC" food in jackson's mouth. (already been chewed = ABC...obviously stems from a middle school joke)
fun jackson story: jackson also likes to say, "i love you stars." which translates to "i love you to the stars." which piggybacked from "i love you crane" translated "i love you as tall as a crane".

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite picture of all!!!