31 October 2006

peas & carrots

trick or treatin' was fun. uncle holden went with us this year
annie was a pea - except it was too hot outside to wear her sweet pea outfit...
jackson was a carrot...
last year uncle will went with us. it's fun to see what big changes happen in one year. jackson looks so young from halloween '05.

we had a fun time running from house to house saying, "let's go get more candy!" jackson's favorite candy was skittles - which he calls gum. annie's favorite candy is the skittles wrapper - she likes to chew on it. jackson's favorite house was the one with this skeleton head that would laugh a spooky laugh. jackson sat with this sweet grandpa and watched the skeleton for a good 5 minutes. we ate at will's new house - but were sad that emily couldn't join us.

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