27 October 2006

pumpkin patch - battle of wills

i thought we could go to the pumpkin patch and get a cute picture of the kids next to some pumpkins. i dressed them in cute clothes that wouldn't clash with the pumpkin - namely no burnt orange. sorry uncle pootz and uncle ho. annie was cute and did what i asked her to do, of course. the only decent picture i got of jackson was him imitating a fire truck after one drove by. jackson also found the only mud puddle in the entire pumpkin patch and jumped in. ironically he fell down on dry land and looked at his dirty hands with disgust. i guess since the mud was on his new shoes and pants it wasn't disgusting as the dirt on his hands. life with boys is always fun.

here's a comparison to last year's pumpkin patch trip where jackson wanted to pose for pictures. now he just wants to run and find gross things. he also liked the pumpkins that were moldy. wish henry was with us this time...that's an everyday thought that includes henry's family.

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