25 June 2008

sugar monsters

to get the kiddos to actually brush their teeth i always say, "we have to get all of those sugar monsters off of your teeth." otherwise they would suck on the tube of toothpaste because it tastes more like candy than toothpaste. i fear the day that i promote them to real toothpaste..which probably should have already happened. oh well, i just happy they brush their teeth every day.

so here are some cute sugar monsters at the museum. we went to see the grossology exibhit - we shot burgers into huge nostrils, made tooting sounds, created burps and some kids became poop as they climbed through the small intestine and out the tunnel onto an appropriate colored brown mat. ick or actually gross.

my everyday camera is still stuck in the "lens out" position and doesn't work. so sarah took this picture of our kiddos, aka sugar monsters. it was fun and it was FREE [thanks to the workings of sarah].

even though it was lots of fun, we were with 4 kiddos 4 and under so we had to have some margaritas afterwards!

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aggie_bibliophile said...

Your kids are so cute! It was good to see you at Chic-fil-a. Let't get together soon.