23 December 2007

merry merry love the perrys

hope you all have a merry christmas! we have our first christmas celebration tonight with cookie and the uncles and aunt emily. well...we had our first celebration this morning when everyone came to christ the king with us and then a fun cajun lunch at ragin cajun. fun, fun! we're cooking, cleaning, wrapping and trying to find time to get to the mall to visit santa before tuesday... i'm thinking tomorrow morning...early will be the best time. who knows...i'm sure we'll be met with crazy late minute shoppers - or not so crazy i heard stores are running sales tomorrow. i'll stay away from the stores...we'll just visit santa. thankfully, i got everything done 3 days ago. i really can't wrap gifts and leave them under the tree because annie doesn't understand that she can't open them until christmas. when i tell her to stop opening them she gets her feelings hurt and it's just a sad situation after that. so..we have zero gifts under our wilting tree. it's full of water but for some reason has already started to droop. it looks somewhat vintage?? [trying to put a positive spin on our dying tree].

i have many updates to do - jackson's basketball adventures, jackson's pj christmas party at school, another wedding we shot, christmas party in the country, all the shots that didn't make it to the christmas card, annie's new words, annie being a sweet angel...as always, the things that come out of jackson's mouth, fred, and more....maybe one of my new years resolutions should be to update this more.


Mary Margaret said...

favorite card of the season

ajs said...

loved your card. missed you on new year's eve. I am back on my blog by the way...so why am I not on your "cool people" list? What are the qualifications to be cool?