29 December 2006

pictures & stories that missed the cut

thought i'd share some cute pictures that i never posted:this is jackson "checking his email" and wearing my glasses. he likes to do this. normally right before it's time to go to bed. we'll say, "jackson, it's time for bed." and he'll respond, "i'm checking my email. give me a break."this was the day annie got her tubes in her ears - she was a little upset after being "under". they must of inserted a little "wise" in her because the same day she started to have an interest in magazines. wise - used as a noun to describe someone who loves magazines. orginated with alston wise who i think subscribes to 20 + magazines. she was feeling much better later on so she had a friend - isa - over to play. they look about the same size - but isa is 7 months older than annie.
jackson was a little jealous because i was taking so many pictures of annie starting to crawl. so he was getting in front of the camera - but it let me take some cute pictures of jackson. jackson loves this sweater. he always wants to wear it and calls it the sweater with the cool buttons.

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alston wise said...

I liked the shout out! also, the pic of jackson at the computer is so stinkin cute.