15 December 2006

mama - one popular word

annie now loves to say "ma ma". she gets her mouth moving first before she makes the sound. so she's just mouthing the words, then it comes out. it's so cute. she gets excited after i get excited, which is a big deal because annie is somewhat serious. she likes to just look around and smile at people but never gets overly excited.

jackson also likes to say the word "mom" or "mommy" alot. it's usually proceeded by a question, wanting me to do something for him or come here. all of which could lead to exhaustion. one day i was just almost wishing he didn't know that word. right when i'm at the end of my rope when i say under my breath, "please don't say my name anymore" it comes out like this:
Jackson: "hey mommy"
Julie: "yes."
Jackson: "i love you"

he's the coolest.