01 December 2006


this is too funny not to share. i LOVE to play jokes and "get people" in creative ways. today I was "got" by alston and after 30 minutes i'm still crying - it's so funny.

when jackson was about 6 months old i ran into a mary kay cosmetics lady at marshall's on west gray and she asked for my number and wanted to introduce me to the leadership of mary kay. well, about 6 months after that alston and i were talking about something - i think it was the fact that i had her number programed on my cell phone under the word "no". she'd call alot. we found out that the same lady had met alston at target around the same time she met me and calls alston all the time also.

so i get this email today:
Good Morning, Julie!

My name is Susan Vant, the Customer Services Manager here at Mary Kay Cosmetics. It is my understanding that Maggie Falconer has made quite a few attempts to contact you after your initial meeting at Marshall's on W. Gray St. Maggie has been one of our top recruiters in recent years, and I am curious as to why all her attempts to follow-up with you have been ignored. This demonstrates poor taste on your part, and frankly, bad manners. Could you please respond to this email and let us know what it is that has merited such rude behavior.

We are always working toward better customer interaction and we would appreciate your input. Please do not continue to disappoint us with your silence. Mary Kay is a leader in cosmetic sales and produces some of the most outstanding, top quality products on the market. We sincerely hope you will come around.

Thanks so much for your time!

i'm not in the best mood so i decide to give her my input...here's my response:
Here's my input, Susan!

Are you kidding me!

Please do not try to contact me again. If you do so, I will personally contact Mary Kay Cosmetics Headquarters. I will let them know of this ridiculous response. I can not see why this is considered professional in Customer Service at a well established company. I do believe that you are participating in poor taste and ill-representing Mary Kay.

This is, in the least, a preposterous email that you have sent.

You have permanently turned me away from EVER buying a Mary Kay product again, congratulations.

So, I called Alston to tell her about this email I got from "Susan". Well, when I called Alston she said, “I totally got you!” Alston played a great joke on me – now I have to get her back and I have to watch my back because I know I've played jokes on other friends.


Sara Carolina said...

Absolutely HILARIOUS. Way to go Alston!!!!

hilary said...

alston, that's so funny!!!!! and julie, your response was awesome! i can only imagine alston when she got your email back! haha!