09 June 2007

tats and pig tails

annie's hair is long enough and finally looks cute in pig tails. and jackson is into getting tattos and showing us his muscles. [which the tatoos obviously enhance]

annie is growing up fast. she has her own language which jackson reinforces and repeats and then translates for us. sometimes to his own gain, "annie said that she wants you to get out the cookies so he can have one." [jackson refers to annie as he]. she's getting a fun, fun personality. she gives you the best welcome when you come in a room - lots of excitment. she's a huge climber...she'll find anything she can step on, bring it to the couch or coffee table and climb up.

jackson is a typical three year old - lots of whys, lots of interest in things and asking why something is what it is, likes to read books and ask you what each person/animal is saying in the picture...which takes hours when he has richard scarry books as his personal favorite. he has the tendency to enjoy debating with us and starts of lots of his sentences with a drawn out "but... or so..." he makes us laugh every single day.

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