29 May 2007

perfect timing

two sprites, two hotdogs a big tub of popcorn. jack was holding all of this and jackson and jack were walking to our friday seats when jackson announces, "i have to pee pee!!!". so who knows what happened but things just happen when you get in these situations.

jackson had fun at the game. he doesn't like to sit for very long to watch the game so he had fun socializing with all of our baseball neighbors. somehow he got ahold of a soft baseball and had fun throwing that around the stands. luckily everyone around us thought he was cute and not annoying. people who don't think jackson is cute frequent central market. we make enemies every time we go to central market to eat lunch. it's become quite amusing.

hilary - an avid fan - told jackson to show his support of the stros with "thumbs up"

we were rescued by bret from the cheap seats and we joined pwc people on the first level, first base line. jackson enjoyed walking there because reese's mommy (as jackson calls hilary) grabbed his other hand let him swing. one day she'll understand the obligations that go along with holding both of reese's hand.