10 June 2007

poop, sweat and tears

is how i'd describe our visit to the blueberry farm to pick some blueberries. it was a sweltering heat amongst the blueberry bushes. there are no pictures because they would scare you - my kids hair was soaking wet, annie was crying 75% of the time and many times jackson would just squat down and put his head in his hands. but, it was an experience...jackson would pick them and eat them so we left with maybe a pound of blueberries for about $2.

about 5 minutes into it jackson said, "i have to poopy." so...he had to go in his pullups. then after we were done we were in line to get snow cones - the snow cone stand probably makes a killing in june and july because everyone is attracted to it like a magnet after you are soaking wet in sweat. anyways, all of these people started smelling their pits because they could smell jackson and thought it was them. oh well...it made for a funny situation as i stood there and watched everyone start smelling themselves.

well...my goal was to get a load of berries and give them to people...but i came away with probably 1/5 of what i wanted to get. if i forget this experience, then maybe next time...

my friend erin took this picture of the kiddos before our outting. we had just arrived at the blueberry farm when she was leaving [we were supposed to be there at the same time]. we were looking like a bunch of city folk coming to the farm. everyone there was in tanks, tennis shoes and visors. i wore a comfy cotton skirt (one that i wear frequently with the kids - nothing nice), a white fitted shirt (imagine that..i must have 20) and flip flops. anyways, the kids look awfully cute to end up as i described above...but it was true...they and i were disgusting about 1 hour later.

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