27 June 2007

uncle pootz bday

opps...it's been a little too long. so i'll do alot of blogging this week to catch up on our pictures. soon after uncle pootz and emily got engaged we had fun celebrating will's bday at texadelphia.


nique is a natural with the kiddos. annie loved her - well half of it was the fact that nique is a super cool person and half of it was that she was feeding annie cookie's texas sheet cake with ice cream. in this picture below annie is saying, "i guess i HAVE to eat this cake."

jackson had to blow out everyone's candles. for those of you who have been at a bday party with jackson - he wails if he doesn't get to blow out the candles. this has been going on for a year now. at most parties i secretly go off and relight a candle and let him blow it out. i'm sure that might be a proven wrong technique...oh well.

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