05 December 2007

we gobbled until we wobbled

my sweet friend hilary asked for an update.

so here we go...i have alot of posts to do...so i'll start with thanksgiving - part one.

i think the kiddos had the best time at the farm! it is truly a great place for family - everytime we leave we are excited to return. it reminds me of what my papa always says, "take time going, but hurry back." so we are ready to hurry back anytime. well, it's just not the place it is the sweet, laid back, comfortable hosting from aunt trish! she's amazing. whether it's 25 or 15 [usual range of number of guests for thankgiving] trish creates this great thanksgiving spread - everything is warm and yummy! i can't forget to add that aunt jane also is in on the coordination also. but more importantly to our family [mostly to jack and jackson] aunt jane's turkey spread is the best!!!!

why the kiddos are so thankful of the farm:
1. there is a minature house just for the little people - complete with a kitchen, a living room, a play room and a bedroom loft
2. lots of grass to run, play football, play horseshoes or just explore
3. a trampoline
4. a swing set
5. a pool [not during thanksgiving]
6. turkey spread
7. a fire pit [not too sure if that's the right term]
8. lots of cousins mommy and daddys age who love them & who mommy and daddy get to talk to.
9. lots of aunts poppy and kk's age who love them & who mommy and daddy get to talk to.
10. all the fun, love and laughter.
11. beer [or bloody marys this time around][not for jackson and annie]

here is a collection of pictures from the day. we usually don't have anyone taking pictures at the farm so when i pulled out our honker of a camera i think everyone thought it was funny that i had brought it to the farm. oh well...we got some fun pictures. i put some effects on the pictures for you to see. enjoy...

boy cousins...
boy cousins + mary
[and for anyone who doesn't know there are 3 more boys...mary is the only girl]mary + chuckers
poppy [straight from ireland...not really] + kkuncle pootz + future aunt emily
[i think she'll be called auntie em - i'm know she will fill the shoes well of jack's auntie m - heard they are big shoes to fill]
here come the kiddos....
this pic looks like it's from the 1920s. there are always almost the same number of dogs at the farm as people.
my girlie-girl
having fun on the trampoline....
jackson thought this was the most fun. uncle holden, uncle pootz and daddy would chase jackson with the football and then pretend to tackle him by diving for him and missing. jackson laughed and laughed.
uncle holden almost got him with ali in the background
[ali is uncle holden's daughter]
uncle holden recovering from trying to tackle jackson and daddy trying to get him.
[daddy looks like his balding in this picture]

uncle pootz looking on as daddy misses again. jackson loves it. frank is with uncle pootz. frank took up the entire back of our pilot going to the farm. we had a packed car. emily and julie were in the front, daddy between the 2 kiddos in the back and then frank taking up the entire back. it was fun. i think frank licked jack's ear a couple of times.here come the well-dressed dogs...first is chelsea with aunt jane.
chelsea is the cutest dog of the bunch.
this picture is hilarious. first, poppy was wearing so many colors that day. secondly, poppy got a new phone...an iphone and was trying to get a picture of coco. poppy ADORES coco! coco did have on a little hoodie. i think it got ruined when coco jumped into the pool. the hoodie looked like it was juicy couture. so funny!
finally...saving the best for last...
here's a picture of me [the photographer] with mimi and annie.
[the best referring to mimi]
thanksgiving part two - the crowes nest is coming


Mary Margaret said...

Jules!! Those pics are Great!!!!! Im SOOO glad you had a camera!!!!! Im alll about pictures!!

teri said...

Yay! I've been waiting for new pictures! Looks like a great turkey day!

emilybmyers said...

I found your blog address on your last year's Christmas card as I pulled out the Christmas stuff this year! Your kiddos are so precious!! I've added a link to your blog from mine! Hope you don't mind. Come visit us soon!