09 November 2007

11.03.2007 - details, children and lovely bride + groom

we had such a fun time on saturday shooting jessica + chris' wedding. she put lots of energy into every detail. i loved it! she is super cute loves to have pictures taken of her. i loved it! they had the cutest flowergirl + ring bearer. I loved it!

enjoy some of our pics from the night: let me know what you think of our pictures!

letters on the church doors
her pretty bouquet - including a beautiful broach. each bridesmaid's bouquet had one also. when everyone was getting ready the bridesmaids each had a shirt on that said "the maids". just to add to the detail of the wedding.i love this picture of her shoes. i couldn't find any other pretty place to take this picture. this is on a desk of the priest. i had to clear off all of his papers. i like the way it turned out!this cutie got me super excited to see annie as a sweet flowergirl in february!here comes the bride - she looked amazing! the newly newlyweds!
nice ring!
they had a guy rolling cigars - this was pretty cool to watch! he even made a cigar to fit their rings so i could take a picture. i guess they were good by the amount of guests outside smoking them. the smell reminded me of my grandfather when he used to smoke pipes. i never see pipes anymore!jack decided to have some fun and smoke and dance...and we caught him.thanks jessica + chris! what a fun couple to get to know!


hilary said...

awesome pics, julie!! you are so talented!!!

hilary said...

one more thing...i miss you!!!