01 November 2007


i didn't take our nice camera trick or treatin' - thought that it would have been too much of a hassle running after jackson and making sure annie was close behind. so there is a huge difference in the quality of these pictures of the kiddos in their outfits! who cares, right?the words GERMS + BUGERS or BOOGERS have been well represented this past week. but, the kids wouldn't let some little colds stand in their way of getting some chocolate! daddy lost his battle and had to stay home and get better.

we had fun at aunt emily's parents house celebrating uncle pootz #2's birthday and halloween. ironically emily has a brother named will and jackson has warmly named him uncle pootz #2 [obviously will perry is uncle pootz #1]
this is the sweetest picture of annie + holden - including holden's bright blue cup. what's in that cup?
we had a group shot that sarah took and it looks so good...but we are all blurry. so we have no pictures of the fun girls - emily and sarah - that went trick or treating with us.

here's jackson eating his first piece of candy he got from joe - our neighbor. i don't think we'd know our neighbors as well as we do if it wasn't for our overly outgoing son. he makes regular trips to lynn's house and joe's house just to say hi. we have great neighbors and don't mind the visits...hopefully they feel the same way.i think we've reached the age now that jackson can safely eat any candy and "i want that" is a common phrase in any store [regarding candy or toys]. and any commercial that comes on - we don't watch any kid tv station that has commercials of toys - unfortunately our neighbors haven't done the same. it's really powerful to hear and witness the brain wash of kids toys. but, i think jackson has realized that most of his toys come from a four letter lady...mimi. we even have this conversation sometimes:
jackson: can we go visit mimi?
julie: no, mimi's working right now.
jackson: mimi works so she can make money to buy me some toys. she told me that.

we sure do have a fun time with our kiddos.

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teri said...

Haloween looks good on your kids :)
Sorry your household is full of germs too :(
Can't wait to see everyone!