03 October 2007

the official school picture day

i have no idea why i get worked up over school pictures. i frantically try to find just the right outfit & plan what we'll do in the morning before we leave. for example...annie will eat b.fast without her clothes on and then i'll put on annie's clothes after she eats. there was a plan for school picture morning. i guess because it's like a free sitting fee...but don't we do that everyday?

this year i'm happy that the pictures will be with a white background & white floor. great sharp looking pictures are taken this way. we actually have one of these backdrops but just don't have the space to set it up. anyways, i think today was the first time i've ever wet jackson's hair to put it in place [usually he sports a nice, thick bed head] and i even IRONED outfits for school. jack even tried to tease me with giving me bug spray instead of starch. i probably would have used it if he didn't stand around and watch me to see if i was going to use it which made me think something was up. anyways, got some good pictures outside in case the school pics don't turn out. i even put a sign on annie's back that said "take off my shoes for my picture". i wanted to put one on jackson's back that said, "tuck in my shirt please." hopefully the photographer + teacher know to do that.

we'll have to wait and see if annie has 2 bows in her hair....

what a difference a year makes...this was picture day last year / this year:


Alston said...

so cute...but, this makes me kinda sad...they are so grown-up. i cant believe it. cant wait to see them!!

hilary said...

you are so funny!! i love your whole thought process about picture day, especially the signs! ha!

bug spray?! that's great!

good pics!

Elena said...

This is great info to know.