20 September 2007

i teach math

perry video & photo +
part - time teaching [w. a new book...makes a world of ease into a world of hurt] +
jackson +
annie +
jack at greenwood king
one tired momma!

but one of my favorite thursday people came over today...sylvia so my house is straightened and clean enough for me to relax. these moments are great.check out jack's new hair style: man bangs...haha!
these black pants rock. they had my name written all over them...or just on the tag. they are called "julie" from ann taylor. i might wear these to teach up to 3 times a week. maybe that's horrible but i love them & i only teach for max 2.5 hours.

the kiddos started school about 2 weeks ago. here are some pictures we took that morning. jackson and annie really like to give each other hugs. it's quite the picturesque moment. but this moment can be followed by jackson dragging annie around the room by her arm as if he's a caveman and annie is his conquest. they both like school and are eager to go each monday, wednesday and friday. annie is a quiet, laid back observer in her classroom. doesn't say much just smiles alot and is curious. jackson is the leader of his class [his teacher told us this]. he has to be in charge of something or he gets in trouble. for instance, he wanted to open the door and his friend [i'd actually say best friend] colin opened the door. so, jackson bit him. he's pretty entergetic in class and mrs. padavoni has to tell him cool down sometimes. she's the most amazing teacher i've seen with 3 1/2 year olds. each day i realize how much i LOVE sending my kiddos to school. the patience these women have to help teach and mold my child for the better and their sweet love the have for kids is such an amazing gift.

school tomorrow for all of us...so i have to go and make lunches, prepare my notes for tomorrow and pack bags.

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