22 September 2007

pitter patter to lots of chitter chatter

a while back i wrote this [and never posted it]. i think it was around mid august because i do remember that annie first said mama for the first "real" time on august 18th. so here's what was going on a month ago:

annie has a few words she has added to her vocabulary...they are not your run of the mill first words. i don't think she has said momma in 6 months. her favorite word, of course, is jackson. she wakes up and tries to see if he's in his bed and repeats his name until she sees him. she also likes to say "ut oh", "peek boo", "tank you" - which also sounds like jackson for some reason. she said "kelsey" this weekend. and then a bunch of other things that i have no idea what she's saying. but, if i do ask her to say momma it comes out as "popo"[not to be mistaken with poo poo]??

now...only one month later we hear mama, dada, jackson, no, bye, juice, chicken, mimi, papa, cookie, book, toy, phone, tickle, peek a boo, mm mm mm [when she's eatting food], hi, up, thank you, please, dog, choo choo, train, car, truck, baby, poo poo, pee pee, annie, shoes, boom boom boom [when she falls down], purse, beep beep [when she pushes anyones belly button] and she tries to say her abc's. repitition is so good to get them to learn something like their abc's or 123s. [but she doesn't talk at school for some reason]
when jackson first learned to count he could count to 11. 11?? but then i found out that every time i carried him up the stairs i would count the stairs & there are 11 on our second step. for annie i sing the abc's everytime i put her hair in pig tails - so probably about 6 times a day i'll sing the abcs to her. but most of the time jackson wants to say them instead of me. annie tries to say them but i think that's expecting alot...but eventually she will because she hears them so regularly. hopefully when she's 18 going to prom and getting her hair done at the salon she won't start repeating her abc's while they're doing her hair. tee hee.

jackson likes to spell his name. i taught him to spell his name using a chant like cheer ja-ck-SON. it's fun to hear him randomly start chanting this. of course, i think he's brilliant and adorable all at the same time. kinda like how i like him to do more toddler things but i also like him to be a cute round face little kiddo who likes to cuddle.


teri said...

Your kiddos are SO cute! Can't wait to see them soon. I just know they will have all have a blast togehter! Lilly is also learning her abc's....instead of L M N O P, she says "Elmo P"

We count to 10 while brushing Lilly's teeth twice a day :)

hilary said...

thank you for an update! i was hoping for some pics of the kids. they are too cute! i'm waiting for a word burst from reese. maybe in a couple of months. she does have the word "no" down pat. we think she's already said it in hungarian. it's "nem".

ya'll have good ideas to sing songs while doing hair and teeth. i'm going to try that.

question: when do you start using toothpaste?