29 August 2007

read my blog

sorry for the lack of updates to all of you who sit in a cube all day and check out our blog. i started teaching [part time] and the kiddos don't start school until september 5th. so these past 3 weeks are kinda crazy at our house. pretty much everything has been put on hold - errands, editing, cooking, chores, etc. one week until a routine sets in...hooray!

but for anyone that does blog...check out blurb.com...you can turn your blog into a book. pretty cool. also... enter PARENTSMAG07 in the promotional code for 10% off


alston wise said...

blurb.com is so cool... talk about a distraction! i just cant decide when i should publish my blog...what's a good stopping point??

Missy said...

Thanks Julie! My sis-in-law was just saying she wanted some way to publish her blog!