03 August 2007

Jack and Jackson camping in Brazos Bend State Park

Jackson first waking up Thursday morn

Daddy cooks bacon and biscuik biscuits. Yummy!

Jackso, eggs, and biscuits.

eggs and biscuits
Jackson licks his lips before eating daddy's cooking.

campsite first night. before the ambush.

The Ambush. Jackson bravely shining light on them. He was great!

Jackson digging in Wednesday night to his chicken, peas, corn, and beans.

Daddy making the most of his short reach to include himself in the picture.

More of daddy's short reach with the camera. chest hair anyone?


Raccoons 1
Jack 0

Thanks to our good friends, Ben and Henry Wise, I took a camping trip with my son. Jackson and I spent some male bonding time on a spontaneous camp out in Brazos Bend State Park. Ran to Academy, spent $220 on camping gear, and headed to Brazos Bend State Park. Beautiful Place.

We arrived around 7pm Wednesday, August 1, 2007. We rushed to put the tent up and just as I was putting the tent up, Jackson yelled, "Yook, Daddy, small animals." We were surrounded by 5 raccoons jumping in our car, picking up our food, and more approaching. Like an ambush. This went on every 30 mins until 5am. I did not sleep more than 2 hrs as they attacked our tent. Jackson slept fine.

Lots of funny "WHY?" questions by Jackson:

Why did God make people?
Why did God make rain?
Why did God make our car break down? ( we left the lights on a bit to long while illuminating our fire at night)
Why are we here?
Why did we come to sleep here?

Great to get away from the city and spend some time listening to his "why's"

Happy camping,

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