22 November 2006

thanksgiving, part one

we went to the taste of texas...yummy... for our first thanksgiving celebration of 2006 on wednesday with cookie. it was a great start to our thanksgiving weekend. we are so thankful that we have all our family living so close to us. it's very special to us to see our family as often as we do.
we realized that a christmas picture is going to be hard to come by this year with a very active 2 year old and a squirmy 9 month old. we'll be lucky to get a christmas card picture with both kiddos looking at the camera. now we know why christmas pictures sometime only have the kids in them. most likely we won't be in our picture this year. but, we look the same and everyone really wants to just see the kids.

unlce will (or uncle pootz) had the special touch to keep annie happy and occupied for a long time at dinner, cookie and jackson bought some good looking feet and hands - jackson wanted to keep "shopping" he thought it was so much fun. holden & will had fun with jackson playing football and play sleeping. they are the best uncles ever!

here's a fun story...when we pulled up to the taste of texas jackson said, "remember when we were here last time in daddy's car and aunt robin was here." that is exactly right...last time we were there was for my 30th bday with my family. we were impressed. then he crawled underneath someone else's table and wouldn't come out. we were not impressed.

cookie taught him who was born on Christmas. 2 days later he told me santa claus was born on Christmas. sounds like we have some work to do.

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