17 November 2006

i used to eat glue...

today in the car i heard a new sentence, "i eat boogers." oh no...jackson is that kid who eats things. this is on the heels of a week where he picks his nose and is grossed out and screams for a napkin to get them off of his fingers. how quickly does his opinion change to "this might be good to eat". i'm blaming it on someone at school. maybe i'll sneak a peek into his room to see who started this new grossness.

i did sneak a peek in jackson's class today and it was snack time. it was time to pray and they teach them to fold their hands...but jackson closed his eyes and bowed his head to pray. which far outweighs the grossness of eatting boogers. i was one happy mom.

then we were doing some crafts today for school - making this "me" project. we decided to glue buttons all over this little cut-out guy. i caught jackson eatting bits of glue off of his hands. ick. so we've had a long talk about how it's bad manners to eat boogers and glue.

but it reminds me of one of my best college friends, brandon (and of course by proxy, bryan). brandon was in a band in college that had a song that started off "I used to eat glue..." maybe i can upload it...we'll see. if so, it's a fun and funny song to listen to. hopefully the song doesn't map out jackson's tendencies.

if he continues, i might have to pull the police card: jackson is afraid of the police. if i turn right on a red light he starts to worry that the policemen are coming to find us. sometimes this is the only way i get him to do something - it comes right after the comment, "do you want a spanking?". when he answers "yes" to this comment, that's when we mention the police. creative? probably not...grabbing for something to use to discipline my child - sadly, yes.

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