24 April 2007

making friends

it's fun to see kiddos making friends. they do it so easily even though they are honest and tell each other everything, fight and forgive. wish i was more like that.

jackson and timothy had TONS of fun playing together. i remember when they were so young and the 2 month difference looked so different - jackson in the jumpster and timothy on his tummy on a blanket. not any more.

although we had some scuffles timothy and jackson got along beautifully. annie loved watching charlotte and exploring a new play spot.

sarah's a great photographer and had her camera handy - as i think is the case often. here are some images of jackson and timothy's play...

jumping off of a couch onto the cusions...how cool is that!sarah organized an impromptu craft time complete with snacks and they made these hats.
we finished the day with a shaving cream bath - also a brillant idea of sarah's.
we all had fun!

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