23 April 2007

bike + animals = no zoo

well, we made our way to the zoo recently and i had a brilliant plan to let jackson ride his tricycle around the zoo while annie was in the stroller. we got denied at the gate and had to turn around. jackson decided to ride around hermann park instead - which was so much fun.
here's the water park - jackson was upset his shoes got dirty. annie will be the total opposite - she'll get soakin' wet when she has her chance.this is jackson's new smile - when i ask them to smile for the camera we get jackson sticking out his tongue and annie smiling. you can't win them all.the squirrels at the park were tame. we fed them "puffs" out of our hand. jackson loved this part. annie was upset we were giving animals her snacks.
during our tour of the park jackson told me he had to go pee pee. well, we just had to do it...
jackson's is obsessed with anything motorized - so the entire time he wanted to go on the train. i was $1 short - thankfully we made a friend who gave us a $1. jackson then gave the lady a big hug for giving us the money. we actually needed more $ than that but i temporarily thought annie was under a year old - which is free. opps. i have selective memory loss - i get to select when i loose it.

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