27 August 2008

we have issues


last night was incredible. i wish in the good sense of the word. but, not at the perry household. our sleep issues are all over the board. jack likes to sleep ALOT [as do his brothers - it's amazing how many hours these boys can sleep if given the opportunity], i have had some degree of insomnia since jackson was born [maybe because i want to relive my college fun days, maybe that's the only quiet time i have in a day or maybe those are the only hours i can get some solid work done]. it's pretty bad...i see 2am quite often. more often than i see my mom or my bestest of friends.

annie is good...usually. once she hears me start singing "good night sweetheart" her head goes on my shoulder and i get a few pats on the back from her [probably one of my favorite moments of each and every day...or to console me with my bad singing voice saying "mom it's ok you don't have to sing"] and i put her down and she lays on her side and goes to sleep. after our vacation she now asks for us to say a prayer with her [melt my heart] and always will add people [like recently we've been praying for my grandfather, "papa" because he is sick - he has shingles and if i forget to mention papa she will remind me] she always says [in her sweet raspy voice] "and Jesus". ok, so that's the sweetness of her new routine. the flip side is she wants us to sleep with her or she wants to lay in our bed with one of us and with jackson [as i did on vacation - 3 of us in a double bed - blog entry to come soon].

jackson...he's just been hard from the get go. i used to rock him to sleep...rocking for a LONG time. jack finally had to take over and let him cry it out. i couldn't handle that - i had to leave the house when he did that [i think jackson was 9 months]. i do baby my babies. for about a year he was good. then he got a big boy bed and would get out over and over...sometimes until midnight. since then he's just hard to wind down. he has more energy than i can fathom. last night was an all time high on the richter scale of energy. after waking up early, going to school, running errands with me, afternoon activities at home i thought for sure this little guy will be so tired. WRONG! he couldn't settle down. i'm sure he's trying to get used to this new schedule [of one day] after a relaxed bedtime during the summer. so, it might take a little time...more so than i had perceived.

so last night i laid with annie for 30 minutes until she was out. got up and tip toed into my room where jackson should have been...no jackson. went downstairs and jack said that jackson was having trouble going to sleep and that they were going for a walk. control freak took over and put jackson to bed and told him not to come out or he'd get in trouble. after 20 minutes of screaming, "daddy!!!" [which jack wanted to record because it was a first for him to choose this parent's name to shout] jackson was out...around 10:30pm...and then up at 7:45am. mom just needs to cool it a little and realize transitions are hard for 4 year olds. opps.
other issue...notice that jackson's head is about the size of his teacher's head! my kids have huge noggins.
other issue...think i broke my first bone in my body. this is true...i've never broken a bone until 2 nights ago. and when and if i did break a bone for the first time i do it in a very wimpy and non assuming place...my little toe. it's blue and purple and hurts a little. but, no little toe cast exists...there goes any sympathy i could have received [haha.]


alston said...

it's those darn big boys beds...s was the best little sleeper until he could get out of the bed on his own. and with sharing a room they love to stay up late. it definitely makes me stay up later, too, because i can't get enough of the quiet:)

Teri said...

big heads=big brains :)
Sorry about your toe. and the sleeping issues. but love the new pics!

Emily said...

Yay! new pics...so precious:) Glad school is going well. Hope you get some good sleep soon:)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

1 - I have had insomnia since first becoming pregnant. Hormones. Love em. I pill pop every night. Like a rock star.

2 - Ike's head is HUGE. I saw a little girl the other and I swear her head was half the size of his.