26 August 2008

no tears!

annie has a mouthful of blueberries

jackson's school - we're going public!

jackson had his first day of preK today.

i can cry like a baby at the drop of a hat but sometimes i amaze myself. today i didn't cry nor did i cry at my wedding but put "i am sam" on the t.v. and you'd think that something was really wrong in my life after that movie. oh...or on saturday we watched the bucket list and there's a part in the end where jack nicholson's character meets his granddaughter for the first time after being estranged from his daughter and he kissed her and then he marks off the list, "kiss the most beautiful girl in the world". [sidenote::jack also cried during this part and it's all because of the fact that we have annie::girl can make her daddy into a softie] but, 12 hours later at church after communion jack asks me, "do you know when i lost it during the movie last night?". i started crying. that was it...not even an answer from jack or me but i just start crying. so i cry e.a.s.y!

ok..back to preK. so we woke up at 7:45 so we could leave by 8:15. jackson isn't a morning person. takes him 5 or 10 minutes to get out of bed, isn't hungry until an hour or so later, just wants to take it easy for a little while when he wakes up. well, that wasn't happenin today. oh...totally gets his night owl, not a morning person traits from his mom. we tried to eat a bowl of blueberries on the way to school. annie ended up eating most of them because i forgot to give her breakfast [thinking i'd go home afterwards and then we could eat...but we went straight to target] notice the nap mat - good luck with getting this little live wire to settle down.
jackson was a little confident man walking into that classroom. he thrives on structure and being social. therefore, i'm not called to home school...thank you Lord.
dropping him off, i remembered his little round face when i dropped him off at chapelwood for the first time [crying...me not jackson]. i still remember what he wore, his chubby fingers, huge cheeks and the one thing that hasn't changed in 3 years...his big bed head. oh my little dude, i'm so excited for you, proud of you and can't wait to pick you up today. we're going to go to baskin & robbins to celebrate his first day of school. he'll eat it up!

i got so many errands run today than i did the entire summer. seriously, thanks preK...getting us out of the house at 8:15am did wonders to my to do list. that's where jackson and i are alike...we camp out in the morning until 10 or so and then we get going. not any more...at least until may.
here's jackson with is new teacher, mrs. seeta. get ready for some strong willed energy from this rascal. it'll be fun.annie just woke up from a great nap - she fell asleep at 11:30! she usually falls asleep at 2ish! i think she was worn out from all of our errands. i loved her early nap! what a great day.


The Stoker Family said...

I cry more easily than you! This post has me reaching for a Kleenex!


alston said...

Oh my goodness...he looks so grown-up! Public Pre-K sounds great...wish they had that around here:) Hope his day went well and that Baskins was fun!